46China’s high-speed rail exports, why far beyond the Shinkansen – Sohu Technology|China’s high-speed rail exports, why far beyond the Shinkansen – Sohu Technology2

China’s high-speed rail exports, why far beyond the Shinkansen? This paper | technology – Sohu dengfa Shinkansen, Japan’s high-speed rail system, as one of the world’s first high-speed rail system, known to the world. The new railway as the prototype of the railway theme animation "iron bile train man" is a generation of good memories. The new route has been operating since 1964, created a record run for over 50 years, there have been no train collision or derailment caused by the accident, the average delay time of all trains across the board in less than a minute. Shinkansen has such a result, with the careful maintenance of the railway system is inseparable. Japan is a country with many natural disasters, especially in earthquakes. The railway system has invested a lot of money to maintain. The East Hokkaido Shinkansen in Japan as an example, the investment is about four times the total investment in equipment capital to cope with natural disasters, even if the train encountered heavy rain and other inclement weather, still maintains a high speed operation, in addition to train were rail tracks and seismic reinforcement and anti derailment device installation. China high iron as the bright younger generation, development started late, but because of the development of the national economy, and access to sufficient funds, is to speed the development of shock. At present, Chinese high-speed train ownership in the 1500 column, which ranked first in the world; the train speed covers 200 km to 380 km speed of each grade, the most complete varieties of EMU; total operating mileage of more than 1 billion 600 million kilometers, is the highest in the world. Across the vast expanse of land in the north and south of China 5000 kilometers, high-speed rail has undergone a variety of terrain, topography and climate, the environment is much more complex than other countries in the world. China’s high-speed rail can be called the world’s high-speed rail Museum, the total mileage of more than 16 thousand km, accounting for more than half of the world’s total mileage. In today’s world, China’s high-speed rail exports far more than Japan’s high-speed rail exports. An old giant, has yet to see a decline; the bright younger generation, vibrant, why the development gap in the world of high iron market, so big? This is because the railway business is no longer just around the railway technology itself. The high-speed rail business in the new century is a mixture of railway vehicle supply, rail laying, dispatching system and supporting financial services. In the face of some emerging economies, investment countries take the initiative to provoke drive high iron market development "one-stop development", not only bear the railway construction hardware and supply, also supporting the construction of international loans to assist investment countries. These investment countries, especially in China to do the best. The Japanese side, it is not aware of the high-speed rail business model changes, but limited to the domestic political turmoil and the economy, has been unable to carry out. Until 2013, Andouble returned to power, to force the depreciation of the yen, the Shinkansen service was able to rally. But at this time the Japanese in the mire, Chinese has been in the construction of domestic railway and the merger of North and South car, and with the high-speed national team went to the global battlefield, investment and construction of the Turkey, Russia and other countries as well as the high-speed rail project of the trans Asian railway. In fact, China is not only in the developing countries to build high-speed rail.

56Transmission speed amazing! New pro MacBook add functionality|Transmission speed amazing! New pro MacBook add functionality8

Transmission speed amazing! MacBook Pro adds new features of the new MacBook Pro add functions recently developers on the macOS Sierra test version of the code was found in SuperSpeed+, which seems to presage the autumn September 7th held a new conference MacBook Pro will support the second generation USB 3.1. The maximum transmission speed of this interface is 10Gbps, two times the generation interface. Developers believe that the official version of the macOS Sierra will be released along with the new MacBook Pro, the second generation USB interface may be a highlight of this product. SuperSpeed+ represents the second generation interface standard here, and the peak speed of 10Gbps is also the first generation of USB 3.1 interface of 2 times. Media quoted sources said, the new MacBook Pro will be equipped with OLED touch bar to replace the current function keys. But it is not sure apple is to replace the current function key with it, or the status bar at the top of the screen. In addition to touch, MacBook Pro will also be integrated on the power supply Touch ID fingerprint identification device. So that the user’s computer security stronger, Apple Pay version of the page will also play a role in promoting the payment. KGI securities analyst Guo Mingchi said that the MacBook Pro will be another major Apple hardware upgrades. In order to achieve the ultimate goal of light, the new MacBook Pro using a new metal injection molding process, butterfly structure keyboard will also continue to use this hardware. The Touch ID technology will be the first to use MacBook Pro. The new MacBook Pro is divided into 13 inches and 15 inches in two sizes, is expected to be officially released in the fourth quarter of this year.