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Paul has to support 1 to 1 steals the Clippers play fast speed sports Sohu – Curitiba > > data record shot point   before the survey reviews the clippers and Golden State Warriors two games against the warriors are pipping, Beijing time on February 21, 2016, the Clippers this season last time the main field facing the Warriors, Paul scored 24 in the face of Curitiba 7 rebounds and 6 assists, eventually the Clippers lost to the warriors 112-115. A lost home court, but Paul still scored 35 points and 4 rebounds, 8 assists and 3 steals, if it is not the last time Paul exhaustion, the Clippers had the opportunity to win. Paul and curry have played 28 times in their career, Paul 12 wins and 16 losses to the wind, but personal data with 21 points, 4 rebounds, 9.7 assists overshadowed the curry 20 points, 4 rebounds, 6.7 assists. At present, Paul assists is already active second, the history of eleventh. However, the preemptive strike is still curry and warriors, the small lineup makes the Clippers helpless, in the warriors lead 11 points, Paul finally used to break the Clippers hemostasis. The first section of 3 minutes and 25 seconds, Paul hit the three ball, will chase points difference to 6 points. The warriors then once again outscored 12 points ahead, the result is Paul’s impact as the basket caused Thompson foul. In the second quarter, Paul struggled, but at the end of the second quarter, he scored, narrowing the gap to 10 points. In the third quarter, the warriors up on the poor will be expanded again to 15 points, or the results of Paul, is the first breakthrough after using time difference hit a basket, then hit three pointers to 8 points, will have hit the edge of the cliff clippers back again. The third quarter, 3 minutes and 44 seconds, Paul in the dialogue with curry in the face, and finally staged a tough steals, then assists Crawford layup. This is Paul’s first steals of the game. At present, Paul’s personal steals are eighteenth in history, only 14 times Marion’s distance is seventeenth. In the last minute of the third quarter, scored three points and opened the score, and the result was Paul’s return to three points. In the three quarter, Paul scored 20 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists. After the last warrior opened the score, Paul seems to have a little hurt then be replaced, without Griffin Paul them, eventually the Clippers third time this season, losing to the warriors. (Han Shao) 保罗屡次挺身独撑快船 1对1抢断库里演极速快攻-搜狐体育 >>数据 投篮点 实录 调查 评论  快船和勇士之前两次交手,勇士都是险胜对手,北京时间2016年2月21日,快船本赛季最后一次主场面对勇士,保罗面对库里全场拿下24分7篮板6助攻,最终快船以112-115负于勇士。   上一场主场告负,但是保罗依然砍下了35分4篮板8助攻3抢断,若不是最后时刻保罗体力透支,快船原本有机会获胜。保罗和库里在其职业生涯已经交手28次,保罗12胜16负落于下风,但是个人数据以21分4篮板9.7次助攻盖过了库里的20分4篮板6.7次助攻。目前保罗的助攻已经是现役第二,历史第11位。   不过开局先发制人的还是库里和勇士,小个阵容让快船手足无措,在勇士领先11分的时候保罗终于用突破为快船止血。首节3分25秒保罗命中三分球,将分差追至到了6分。而勇士随即再次打出攻击波领先了12分,结果又是保罗玩命一样冲击篮下造成汤普森犯规。第二节保罗进攻举步维艰,但是还是在第二节最后阶段中投命中,将分差缩小到了10分。   进入第三节,勇士上来就将分差再次扩大到了15分之多,结果还是保罗,先是突破之后用时间差打了一个篮下,随即又命中了三分球追至8分,将已经被打到悬崖边的快船再次拖回来。第三节3分44秒,保罗在和库里的直面对话中,终于上演了一次强硬的抢断,随即助攻克劳福德上篮。这也是保罗本场比赛第一次抢断。目前保罗个人总抢断是历史第18位,距离第17的马里昂只有14次。第三节最后一分钟,库里命中三分拉开比分,结果又是保罗投中回敬三分。三节保罗拿下20分7篮板6助攻,已经算是拼尽全力。   末节勇士拉开比分之后,保罗似乎有点小伤随即被换下场,缺少格里芬保罗独木难支,最终快船本赛季第三次输给了勇士。   (韩少)相关的主题文章:

How do you turn your back on someone who kisses your child Sohu – alienware m17x

How do you turn your back on someone who kisses your child? Sohu – maternal 7.30 every morning to send Nathan to take the school bus, Lele children also woke up early every day, so every day hold happy to send Nathan, because the car is, so to advance a few minutes later on, is always good, so also saw a lot of students are waiting for the bus to the number of times many, also know a few people. There is a high grade sister, see Lele said to hug, then said Lele kids how lovely, I smiled, holding the child when she gave the child a kiss on the cheek, although I do not like the advantages but also left, kiss the face does not matter. I did not expect her to kiss the Lele’s mouth, I suddenly feel sick. Some people like their children is a good thing, but I do not like to kiss a child, after all, I am not familiar with you, although met, but also to meet at the end of a hello. Happy children encounter such a thing is not the first time, when Lele grandma is a neighbor saw me holding Lele also always want to kiss, kiss, kiss me when she will always be a little crooked, she said: how do you do ah, you can hide your kiss baby, this is what ah, love your child to parents, don’t you let me also want to kiss. So hold Le le. Know so many years, in fact, did not meet a few times, just because the people in the village feel familiar. Sometimes I really want to have children, lovely long is not necessarily good, a lot of people want to kiss you, really, I can not accept, after all, who do not know who what, if it is very familiar with people I may not have the idea, it can only meet several times to say hello in the case of I feel nauseous. Anyway, I can’t accept the kiss of the baby. Perhaps I feel good about myself, always think that their children grow well, after all, every mother will feel that their children are the most lovely. Others kiss the child, but also because they do not know whether the body is healthy, even if it is not healthy health ah. It is after all is said and done I can not accept such things, but I do not know how to refuse, always afraid of their own too directly hurt people. After all, people say is also good. It’s like your kids kiss. What attitude do you face when people kiss their children? And how to solve? I am too hypocritical?? Most of the parenting, parenting, education, knowledge of pregnancy and other information, with the baby grow up happy! Pay attention to "hot mama talk about parenting", search for micro signal: lamayuer520 (long press copy)相关的主题文章: