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A man in Zigong even saved 3 girls physical overdraft still read "and a" (Figure) Ma Chuangui had a happy family in the rescue early thirty Ma Chuangui Pi River shore, gentle and considerate wife, a pair of obedient children, however, when a flood hit, four children are unknown away, Ma Chuangui took his own life and care for their families are set aside, just want to save. He once again into the water, even if exhausted and did not give up, three children have been rescued him. Finally, physically exhausted he collapsed on the ground, his mouth kept saying "there is a". Was good family education influence Ma Chuangui love to help others, he still has a lot of courageous and helpful story…… Even the girl saved three grueling Ma Chuangui from Fushun, 2005 with his wife and children to live in Xindu District bailongqiao, and continued to do his familiar clothing business, he and his wife in Chengdu International Trade City operates a children’s clothing store, had a very happy day. But the quiet life was broken by a sudden flood. 14:25 on May 23, 2015 Xu, has been "tame" Pi River suddenly rose water, rushing to the river overflow sluice, accompanied by the roar toward the downstream to the pentium. The downstream "Pi River Metro area beside the river, 11 year old Tan Lianzheng with his 9 year old sister, Qin Hui and other two girls Ouyang Xue and Ouyang Yu in the sand and gravel dam on the river to play. See the river roared toward their rush to come over, quickly pull sister to Qin Lian sand dam run high, Ouyang snow and Ouyang Yu also began to run to the shore from the river. Soon, the turbulent river ran to Ouyang Xue and Ouyang Yu, two little girls in a blink of an eye is surging swept away, the situation is extremely critical. On this occasion at a crucial moment, passing through the river adjacent to get ready to go home Ma Chuangui saw this scene, he did not hesitate to jump into the river, Ouyang Xue and Ouyang go toward the Yuyou. When he turned two times successively rescued two young girls, and on the other side of the river to hear an uncle said, Qin Lian sisters also was washed away by the raging river. Hearing this, Ma Chuangui was already again jumped into the water, and he will save the death race, two endangered creatures. After a lot of hard work, he finally managed to save Qin Hui sister will be back to the shore. His face was pale at this time, physical consumption has been to the extreme, but he still did not consider their personal safety and resolutely returned to save the little girl in a torrent of Qin lian. When he tried to go to Tan Lianyou, the little girl gradually sink into the water, Ma Chuangui did not give up, continue to dive into the water to look for, he find the edge by the river downstream, but has not found a small Qin Lian, until he was rushed to the 50 meters downstream, just climbed ashore. The face of the little girl’s relatives and friends, Ma Chuangui shook his head again and again, but unfortunately did not save her sister!" At this moment, Ma Chuangui, did not consider himself just out of the woods, full of regret not more than the past life of regret and heart. Affected by the mother on the good thing to do more than Ma Chuangui’s hometown of Fushun county has a big river, since childhood, Ma Chuangui was familiar with water. One day when he was four, his mother was washing clothes by the river相关的主题文章: