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Zhuhai silver long lack of order puzzle purchaser to set up 3 months – Sohu automobile     a large order of Zhuhai long silver, adding more to the acquisition of GREE electric episode. Since October 18th, Guangdong Zhuhai silver long new energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhuhai long silver) and CITIC Guangdong sunshine finance Leasing Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as CITIC sun) has announced the signing of 1000 pure electric bus of large orders, both on the concern and questioned. In November 2nd, after receiving complaints from investors, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange again to the GREE inquiry letter, GREE electric requirements further explain the market of Zhuhai questioned the long silver 1000 bus orders. Daily economic news reporter noted that the establishment of less than 3 months, the registered capital of only $100 million in the performance of CITIC sunshine is the focus of the market questioned. Business information, CITIC sunshine registered address is Guangzhou, Nansha District. Daily economic news reporter visited the site in November 3rd learned that the registered address of the company’s virtual registration address. Subsequently, the reporter gets sunshine CITIC business information, CITIC sun another address for the city of Guangzhou Tianhe District Tianyuan road. However, in November 6th the reporter visited the site found that the land is actually a business club, but also failed to find traces of CITIC sunshine. CITIC sun was established in less than three months in the morning of October 18th, Zhuhai silver Lhunze company Zhuhai Guangtong Automobile Co. Ltd. signed 1000 new energy electric sightseeing bus procurement contract with CITIC sun. According to media reports, the day to attend the signing ceremony of the two leaders were Ao Jianhua, vice president of silver group, as well as chairman of the board of CITIC sunshine Wu Yong. GREE sources, the 1000 electric cars will have 100 car plan sponsorship to the "great love? Health China Wanlixing" (hereinafter referred to as the great love charity activities) organizing committee, used to create public medical, pension, service for the old car business, the rest of the 900 pure electric cars and car rental, travel plans to invest in financial leasing. The order will be delivered in 2017. Business information, CITIC sunshine was founded in August 29, 2016, the registered capital of 100 million yuan. Reporters learned from the official website of Zhuhai silver dragon, a pure electric passenger car market price of 1 million yuan or more, that is to say, the total amount of the purchase of the pen order in more than 1 billion yuan. In contrast, as the largest single purchaser, CITIC Sun established less than 3 months, the registered capital of only 100 million yuan, so the performance ability is being questioned by the outside world, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange last week once again to ask GREE letter. Business information, CITIC sun shareholders are: China and Li Tai Group Limited (hereinafter referred to as CITIC, Delong and Li Tai). The CITIC Williams invested 75 million yuan, accounting for 75% of the registered capital; and Rita invested 25 million yuan, accounting for 25% of the registered capital. From CITIC executives list to see the sun, Wu Yong served as chairman of the company’s office, Zhang Jianxuan served as a director of CITIC, Delong’s legal representative Lei Longmei served as director and manager. Business information, the registered address of the Guangzhou City, Nansha District CITIC sun fortress)相关的主题文章: