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Yuan Junjie sent assists   Kunlun Hongxing Road 3-4 Hanfu petrochemical – Shaanxi Channel – people.com.cn original title: Yuan Junjie sent assists Kunlun Hongxing Road 3-4 Hanfu petrochemical people.com.cn on 14 October, Beijing time on October 14th morning, in Beijing KHL Kunlun Hongxing Hockey Club – Vanke dragon team completed 17 field hockey the regular season. Visit Nizhnekamsk, team play mad in the second quarter, one after another by the match 3 degrees through the city, although Kunlun Hongxing in the last section of the game launched a fierce counterattack, but eventually to 3:4 regret their opponents this season, suffered ninth defeats. This is the Kunlun super star in season second encounter Nizhnekamsk petrochemical, last month in Shanghai’s home court game, Kunlun Hongxing had 2:1 to beat the opponent. Before the game in the standings, Kunlun Hongxing has also been ahead of the petrochemical 2 points. Because in the last round of the tournament against LADA, Kunlun Hongxing captain Jane? Yalasiwala offended the referee in speech, the returning Finn has been implemented for 5 league games to heavy penalties, and thus missed the game. After the end of the 16 regular season competition, Kunlun Hongxing players collective feeling tired, but not enough attention. The game has just started 5 minutes, almost knocked on the first petrochemical Kunlun Hongxing City, the home team player Igor? Bojialuofu shot hit the post. Then there was the scene of a romantic scene, a couple in the stands to marry. Perhaps they will also be good luck to the petrochemical players, Twelfth minutes to break the deadlock on the home team. Pavel? Zudunuofu out of Bret behind the door? Berry Moore entanglement, around to the front of the goal poacher. With the score behind the 0:1 into the second quarter, the results of the Kunlun star in the quarter of the time within 20 minutes of the team suddenly play disorder. Twenty-seventh minutes, petrochemical caught 5 hit 4 hit chance by Constantine makaroff? Open the opponent goalkeeper Andre makaroff city name?. 3 minutes later, the morale of the bursting of the petrochemical comeback, Swedish player Richard in front of the middle position? Ginger cool spy shot directly through makaroff hockey double legs network. Lost three balls, Kunlun super star goalkeeper Makarov was temporarily replaced, goalkeeper Zaki Artem Dulin get the opportunity to play?. But Zaki Dulin has yet to make a fighting action, he is guarding the city in thirty-second minutes once again break the opponent, Pavel Kulikov? In the case of unmarked, along the left side to cut road, near the corner of the final goal of attack succeeded, 0:4. Kunlun hosonic unwilling humiliation in the third quarter to rivals launched a counterattack. In forty-fourth minutes, both sides each have 1 players with a small penalty case, Kunlun super star player Sean? Corinth sent across the goal right on the left, surrounded in place of Linusi? Belvedere, will the ball into the net, 1:4! It is worth mentioning that, the ball second assists players are Chinese players Yuan Junjie, Yuan Junjie also got the season of the points of second. Morale)相关的主题文章: