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Yongcheng in graduate school friends cheated 1880 yuan in such a group of "women", "they" perennial lurking all kinds of social platforms, see the "Italian" men will do everything possible to cheat the victim’s trust, and then seek illegal interests. In late April, a graduate student at a university in Ningbo suffered a network fraud, direct loss of 1880 yuan. It is reported that the graduate students cheated, picked up a large network in Henan Zhengzhou Jiangbei police fraud Gang, arresting gang of 31 suspects, involving funds reached more than 600 yuan. Gentle sensible Nvwang three days cheated 1880 yuan sun students in April this year, a master in a Ningbo university students sun Jiayuan website, met a girl. Chat online through a period of time, sun classmates on the screen as my mother’s daughter is the most beautiful girl full of goodwill. "Chatted for a while, I felt good about her, chatting chatting on the shop to do things." Sun told reporters, she said she called ‘Liu Wen’, graduated from college, in Cixi, a beauty shop to work, part-time open a shop. Because someone to help her management, up to half an hour a day to see today’s shipments, browse on it. Such a month can have seven thousand or eight thousand yuan of income." With the consent of the other side, the reporter interviewed the two people chat records, found that Liu Wen really can flicker. She did not come up to ask the sun to open a Taobao shop students. From April 22nd to the three day of the year in April 24th, the people from time to time to greet each other, talking about each other’s interests, attitudes, such as love and marriage, two. In this process, "Liu Wen" and "knowledgeable, independent to the sun students leave a good impression, two people chat frequency is more and more high. At the same time, the reporter also found that the two people in the chat process, Liu Wen often referred to the "two people have a common interest is very important," she said his biggest hobby is to take care of the shop. Just two people chat on the third day, Liu Wen will open the shop officially put things out. If you really like me, you accompany me to do a Taobao shop. We have a common topic, a good understanding, at least I do with you, you have a lot of income, good for you." Liu Wen said so, sun students on the heart up. "She advised me to sell men’s clothes. Later, I sent an electronic version of the contract, said the cost of the future after the contract sent over. At noon on April 24th, I hit 1880 yuan to the other side of the account." Want to consult more about online things only to be "female friends" black "Liu Wen" found sun students hooked, and she recommended a "Strike while the iron is hot. company technical personnel to the sun the students, technical staff to explain the specific process open shop to the sun classmates at QQ, also simply teach some basic the operation process. There is a shop technical management QQ plus me, teach me how to operate this shop. At the same time, he gave me a link, mostly men’s clothing, but also taught me how to upload;相关的主题文章: