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Yangzhou new year 44 centenarians   longevity index higher than the provincial average, people.com.cn Jiangsu window — people.com.cn original title: Yangzhou new year 44 centenarians longevity index is higher than the average yesterday is the Double Ninth Festival, a reporter from the city office on aging was informed that the total number of centenarians were born in the city before December 31, 1916 reached 204 people, an increase of more than 44 people last year’s statistics. The oldest 108 years old, is a big fan Jia Xiang, Guangling District Zhou Fengying elderly. The main city of centenarians for 71 people, Guangling District accounted for a total of 40 people, but also for the city up to. It is understood that in 2015 Yangzhou longevity index was 23.11, higher than the provincial average. The woman is about 4 times the man living with children who are more likely to live longer from the gender perspective, the city’s existing centenarians, 44 male, 160 female, male to female ratio 1:3.7, male centenarians increased. Jiang Hongbin told reporters that the elderly, women, the elderly and the elderly living with their children are more likely to live longer, which is usually more labor training, family harmony, filial piety. It is interesting that most of the centenarians do not have their own names, with her husband’s surname, which just reflects that they are across several times. Why do women live longer than men? Jiang Hongbin analysis, this is a universal phenomenon in the world, in addition to the reasons for the existence of male and female physiological structure itself is different, but also may include men’s social life pressure relative to women. The woman had earlier lived a hard life, but relatively speaking, they are engaged in the work of a higher safety factor, influenced by traditional ideas, China women in general, while men outside. In addition, women’s temperament is generally more peaceful, more willing to talk to others about their feelings, in order to obtain understanding and recognition, so you can adjust the psychological. Yangzhou has entered the aging index has been 30 years higher than the province’s average Yangzhou in 1986 into the ranks of the aging population of the city, ahead of the country for more than 13 years. As of the end of 2015, the city’s 60 years of age or older population of about 1 million 87 thousand and 500, accounting for the total population of the household registration of the population, of which more than 65 years of age, the elderly population of 721 thousand and 200, accounting for the total household population of about 15.64% of the total population of 23.59%. Longevity index is to calculate the proportion of people aged 90 and over in a region of the population aged above the age of 65. According to this algorithm, Yangzhou longevity index in 2013, in 2014 and in 2015 were 18.2, 19.37 and 23.11, respectively. According to statistics, as of December 31, 2013, when the city of Yangzhou, 65 years of age or older, there are 662837 people, including 90-99 years old, more than 12077 people, more than one hundred years of age. The calculated longevity index was 18.2. As of December 31, 2014, the city has a total of 65 years of age and older people, including 90-99 years old, more than 13158 people, more than one hundred years old, the people of the age of 160. Longevity index was 19.37, higher than the provincial average. In the city, if in accordance with the main city, Jiangdu District, Gaoyou, Baoying and Yizheng statistics, the Jiangdu area to 21相关的主题文章: