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Xianyang guy to Tibet line 4 years homesick can only rely on telephone figures the advance of history and social development cannot do without some excellence and outstanding soul guide. Xianyang, pearl embedded in the top of the Chinese history, after thousands of years still bright brightness amidst the winds of change. This comes from the rain and the Guanghua gurgling loess nourishment, from hard work and wisdom of countless children Qinhuangdao this sky, inspire more cannot lack outstanding thought and soul. Similarly, some of them in order to pursue their hearts that dream, dedicated to walk on the road, but no matter where he is, the heart will always be concerned about the home and loved ones. In June this year, "China Daily · Xianyang today" character version has launched in Xianyang province or in Xianyang working life good deeds, tell their stories, showing their strong behind the sour, sweet, bitter, hot. Queershan stands in the north of Shaluli mountains southeast of the Tibetan Plateau, peak snow, local residents called "Cuola", meaning the eagle fly but peaks. 4 years ago, Xianyang guy Tao Gou and my colleagues here together on national highway 317 line queershan tunnel construction. They have overcome the high pressure oxygen, harsh climate and strong feelings of homesickness, always stand in here. The harsh conditions to three months to live in the dormitory after State Road 317 north of the Sichuan Tibet line peak, all vehicles must pass over 6168 meters above sea level, 5050 meters above sea level the queershan, due to the steep terrain, narrow roads, hypoxia, cold, it is often for "Tibet first risks", was the most dangerous Chinese. Highway. According to statistics, from 1995 to 2003, more than 40 kilometers of road queershan year cumulative incidence of 371 traffic accidents, 68 people died. In July 2012, in Xianyang, Liquan’s 25 year old guy Tao Gou and 9 fellow colleagues by China Railway Bureau four companies sent to Tibet, together to get through the queershan tunnel and all the people. Sit for a few days and nights of the car, in the eyes of the Tao Gou into a desolate, cold mountain. Because of the high elevation, many people are dizzy tinnitus, headache, palpitation and shortness of breath, chest tightness altitude reaction. "Followed by dyspnea, dry lips purple, the evening also often flow nosebleed." Gou Tao said that in queershan a few days there are two villagers stand back. Later, there have been villagers returned, with the last and only 3 people Tao gou. Because it is summer, although strong ultraviolet light during the day, but the weather is normal. In the evening to open the wind, rain mode". At that time, the staff has not been built into the dormitory, only in the hole outside the tent to sleep. If the rain of the night, the tent is damp and cold, can not sleep. I often shift Tao Gou, to the day, the temperature rises rapidly, the tent is unbearably hot, the rest is not good. "I haven’t slept much." As a result, came less than a week if Tao suddenly began to fever. It is very dangerous to have a fever, which can cause pulmonary edema. Unit colleagues drove immediately, spent more than 2 hours to send him to the nearest dege town infusion. It was not until 3 months later that we moved into the dormitory. This pressure is very low, hot water to seventy or eighty degrees Celsius on the road only, high pressure cooking相关的主题文章: