Xi’an merchants sell fresh air a bag of air a dollar-yuanjiao

Xi’an merchants sell fresh air a bag of air a dollar a dollar a bag of fresh air, welcome to buy." September 19th morning 9 am, a mall in Xi’an north ring, a merchant to the purified air in a plastic bag to peddle, urged the public to pay attention to the ecological environment, protect the earth. Reporters on the scene saw that day outdoor PM2.5 is the case of 65Ug m3, which is within the merchant PM2.5 1Ug m3. The purification of the air into a bag to sell, shopping malls, Mr. Feng Feng people think this is speculation. He said: "if the formation of the industry, we will need to spend money to buy air." In this regard, the business staff Li Wulin introduced, the effects of PM2.5 on health is chronic, and invisible, even not experience to have been caught. PM2.5 is second only to diabetes, high blood pressure third health killer. Before you know it, a lot of pollutants have been deposited in the alveoli, which can not be excreted in the body. "We just want to sell fresh air this thing, called for more people to pay attention to our living environment," said Li Lin.相关的主题文章: