Wuhan University Alumni Association of Shenzhen graduates scene romantic-nibbuns

Wuhan University Alumni Association in Shenzhen on the evening of October 29th 18:00 graduates romantic scene, Wuhan College of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law Alumni Association of Shenzhen in the people’s hall building in Shenzhen held a grand welcome party, more than 400 new and old alumni attended the event to meet the school this year’s graduates should be. It is reported that the party’s funds and all gifts from alumni donations, this is also the fifth year graduate alumni invited to participate in free throughout the New Year party, according to the alumni association responsible person said, they hope that the new students just graduated, even came to this strange city of Shenzhen, still feeling there is strength in the alumni support and help them. There was more romantic proposal from the 2016 graduates, which moved everyone. The picture shows the live scene. According to the official statistics of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, more than 600 students graduated from Shenzhen in 2016, who signed up and came to participate in the party’s new students, a total of 366 people, another 56 alumni attended, to express a warm welcome and good wishes to the new students. The evening of the prize money and a total of about 85 thousand yuan, all from Shenzhen old alumni donations, donations that meet new people’s behavior has become a tradition, the size of this year is beyond any previous session, the old alumni enthusiasm for the couple to feel the warmth of home, hope to uphold the new motto "Bowen Ming, Houde charitable" this piece of land in Shenzhen youth. In the party scene, T station serves in the program, one from the school of economics graduates in 2016 on one knee to his girlfriend to marry him affectionately: "you are willing to marry in Shenzhen no house no car, there is a deep love in your heart to me?" His girlfriend was moved to tears and said, "I will."". A party of graduates excitedly at the scene said: "our school students have versatile, unexpectedly, graduated, alumni organization also so welcome party mass, singing and dancing, catwalk, recitation, draw and so on all aspects of own alumni self-directed and performed so well prepared, really very touched, finally did not expect to see themselves in the students’ courtship scene, too happy for them!" In addition to the New Year party, according to the story, the School Alumni Association in Shenzhen also has its own football team, basketball team, badminton team, will enjoy running and so on, as these collegial associations are free of charge for each of the school’s alumni in depth, and has been held for five years in the new year the party, the school is to continue for thirteen years held every year in October 10th, "pig’s trotters feast" is the old alumni miss the good time in school to witness! In a fast-paced city like Shenzhen, there’s a group of alumni who can keep the University for four years and are like relatives, and really make everyone feel more warm, which is the Alumni Association of other people’s college!