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Wuhan exposure collective funds corruption cases over the village branch secretary punished the newspaper news (reporter Zheng Ruke correspondent Yang Hua Duan Chenchen) yesterday, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection bulletin 6 in rural collective funds, assets and resources "(hereinafter referred to as the" three ") typical case regulation and" poverty alleviation "against the interests of the masses of unwholesome tendencies and corruption. Since the end of April this year, the city discipline inspection organs at all levels to increase the unwholesome tendencies and corruption against the interests of the masses of the organization to carry out special rectification, governance, seriously dealt with a number of outstanding issues. Bulletin stressed that the party’s eighteen years, the city discipline inspection organs at all levels to resolutely implement the central and provincial, municipal deployment requirements, increase efforts to deal with the problem of unwholesome tendencies and corruption against the interests of the masses, safeguarding the interests of the masses, reflecting the good society. But from the recent investigation, reporting problems, management and use of illegal, extravagance and waste cooperative, false, cheat, misappropriation of poverty alleviation funds still serious. These problems directly damage the vital interests of the masses, eat the masses get a sense of squandering the masses of the party’s trust, erosion and weakening the party’s ruling foundation, must be dealt with severely. Notification requirements, the city’s cadres should learn a lesson from the above cases, warning. Party committees at all levels should conscientiously fulfill the main responsibility, put the pressure step by step strictly to the grassroots comprehensive transmission. Departments at all levels should strengthen the performance of their duties and supervision and inspection, and resolutely implement safeguard the legitimate interests of the people. The discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels should earnestly fulfill its oversight responsibilities, to discipline quite in front, make good use of the implementation of supervision and discipline of "four form", to dare to appease rural collective funds, assets, resources and funds, the project never reached, faster investigation and severe punishment for false impersonator, embezzled, chinakayao to. To adhere to the notification system, the typical problems are public exposure, the formation of a sustained deterrent, play a warning effect. 6 typical cases and treatment results of the East Lake scenic area fishing light show company Party branch secretary Ouyang star collective funds extravagance and waste problems. From 2013 to 2015, the light show executive official reception management regulations is not strict, extravagance and waste of collective funds, three year cumulative expenditure reception fees 1 million 143 thousand and 900 yuan, red star Ouyang as secretary of the Party branch fishing light show company, directly responsible for the problem. June 2016, Ouyang Red Star by the party a serious warning. Qingshan District Baiyushan street to village branch secretary, village committee director Gui Xuewei in the village land management problems in the poor performance of their duties. In early 2010, the village will be the village level industrial park collective land leased to the friends of the company, the lease contract in the lessee should bear the responsibility of the contract is not clear, resulting in the illegal use of the lessee. The second half of 2012, to the villagers Lu Tao of the contracted land violations will be subcontracted to Cheng Fang Yuan company, the company did not apply in any case of illegal construction procedures, construction land washing ironworks. Gui Xuewei as an effort to the village Party branch secretary, director of the village committee, the village land leasing, circulation management is not in place, resulting in illegal land use issues. June 2016, Gui Xuewei by the party warning. Xinzhou district warehouse Port Street fengle village Party branch secretary.相关的主题文章: