Wuhan children’s mobile phone robbery father alarm 15 year old son was sentenced (video) thinkpad s230u

Wuhan children’s mobile phone robbery father took the initiative to report the 15 year old son was sentenced to young people do not learn, but to rob a friend’s Apple phone, his father can not see, active alarm. Recently, in the Yangtze River daily charity lawyers, 15 year old Zhang plead guilty, the court was mitigated punishment, sentenced to 1 years 8 months. Who lives in Caidian, Zhang, 2 years old when her parents divorced, he followed his father life. Because his father perennial obsessed with playing mahjong, Zhang has been lax discipline. After graduating from junior high school, Zhang has been idle, there is no proper occupation. In March this year, 19 year old Wang Jiang’an District is a bus station, was suddenly Zhang Liaodao, then was brought to a hotel Taipei road. Zhang will be brought to the hotel after the king, to compensate for two people last year, the medical expenses for the fight against the king to ask for $5000. After being rejected, Zhang Wang forced Wang to hand over cuff and kick, carry an apple 6S mobile phone (worth more than 4000 yuan), and then fled. That month, Zhang was the police online pursuit. After returning home, Zhang father learned the truth, to persuade his son to return to the mobile phone and surrendered to the public security department, Zhang refused. Zhang father saw his son no repentance, but only alarm. In May this year, Zhang’s father in conjunction with the police arrested Zhang in a restaurant. In August this year, prosecutors on the case to the court prosecution. Members of the Yangtze River daily public interest lawyers, Hubei Bo law firm lawyers were designated as Zhang’s defense. Party secret lawyer said Zhang robbed other people by violent means, the amount of robbery has constituted robbery. But Zhang was not under 16 years of age, in accordance with the law, should be mitigated punishment. At the same time, the public security organs in the process of arrest Zhang, Zhang did not resist arrest behavior, and truthfully confessed the facts of the crime, may be given a lighter punishment. The trial, Zhang said bitterly, willing to start with a clean slate. Alarm for his father personally arrested his actions, he also said that understanding. Two weeks ago, the court made a formal decision, the Party adopted a lawyer to reduce the defense of the defense, sentenced Zhang to imprisonment for 1 years and 8 months, and pay a fine of $1000. Related video robbed mobile phone police forces "in the public toilets in a sure catch"相关的主题文章: