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Wuhan, a company employee was dismissed more than ten suddenly and suddenly they are required to work the newspaper news (reporter Shi Wei) "we suddenly quit, compensation is negotiated, and suddenly let us come to work, or by automatic leave processing, good talk before can not get compensation." Yesterday, the reporter received many readers call, claiming to be the same company without fire, and not to be compensated. The first to reflect the situation of journalists is Miss Wang, she and seven or eight other colleagues was originally the Wuhan Xintian Investment Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as the Xintian) employees, are financial positions, serving time in two months to 8 months, suddenly on the same day was expelled from the company. "There is no reason, is the only company personnel adjustment, let us write a leave application, and then in accordance with the" labor contract law "give us reissue month salary, while giving compensation." Miss Wang said that she was the afternoon of September 9th, the company received notice of the day, after finishing the handover. "After completing the handover, the company will in my fingerprint attendance punch card machine also cleared. Who knows Sunday, suddenly received a phone company, for second days to work on time, otherwise it will automatically leave in accordance with the processing, the company will not have any compensation." Miss Wang said that with the same day she dismissed a total of about 10 people, asked her for a moment, probably everyone has received a similar call. Miss Wang believes that this is the company in order to defaulton compensation, deliberately forced employees to form automatic turnover facts. Reporters rushed to the Xintian company, a dozen staff at the scene, and is the company responsible person to negotiate. Mary was expelled from the staff told reporters that she is originally a financial group in charge of the company, the group has a total of four people, one of whom is just starting in less than a month of the new, "we three old employees were fired, handed over to the new. Our old wages are more than 5000 yuan, suspected that the company deliberately forced the resignation of the old staff, in order to save costs. The company also put our labor contract all away." The reporter interviewed the company’s legal person Ms. Huang at the scene. Ms. Huang, in accordance with normal procedures, the company employees are required by her own signature, but this one-time termination so many employees had not been signed herself. "Why the dismissal of these people, I do not know, is vice president of our company with a surname Wang, he can’t find my signature. The specific reason to ask him." Reporters at the scene to call the Wang’s phone, he said he was outside, all things have to Ms. Huang said clearly, the reporter’s questions answered by her, then hung up the phone. Ms. Huang said, the company will face the problem and solve the problem of "employee labor contract to cover seal, the seal is currently in the field, so as not to give the contract to the employee. But we will be in accordance with the "labor contract law", a monthly salary, and shall be given compensation." Reporters in the interview process, the labor inspection team Wuchang district a staff rushed to the scene, listening to the staff that were subsequently asked to corporate Ms. Huang, the requirements within a week will company information, including employee payroll to the labor supervision department. The staff said.

武汉一公司十余员工突然遭辞退又突然被要求上班   本报讯(记者石伟)“突然把我们辞退了,补偿也协商好了,又突然让我们来上班,否则按自动离职处理,之前谈好的补偿也拿不到了。”昨天,记者陆续接到多名读者来电,声称被同一家公司无故开除,且得不到应有的补偿。   第一个向记者反映情况的是王小姐,她和另外七八个同事原本是武汉新天第置业有限公司(简称新天第)的员工,都是财务岗位,任职时间在两个月到8个月之间,突然在同一天被公司开除。“没有理由,只说是公司人事调整,让我们写离职申请,然后再按照《劳动合同法》给我们补发当月工资,同时给予补偿。”王小姐说,她本人是9月9日下午接到公司通知,当天就办完了离职交接。   “办完交接,公司将考勤打卡机器里我的指纹也清除了。谁知道周日,突然接到公司电话,让第二天按时上班,否则就按照自动离职处理,公司不会有任何补偿。”王小姐说,跟她同一天被辞退的一共大约有10人,她打听了一下,大家差不多都接到了类似的电话。王小姐认为这是公司为了赖掉补偿金,故意逼迫员工形成自动离职的事实。   记者赶到新天第公司时,现场有十几名员工,正在与公司负责人交涉。被开除的员工小丽告诉记者,她原本是公司里一个财务小组的主管,该小组一共有四人,其中一人是刚入职不到一个月的新人,“我们三个老员工全部被辞退了,工作交给了新人。我们老员工工资都在5000元以上,怀疑公司故意把老员工逼得自动离职,为的是节省费用。公司还把我们的劳动合同全收走了。”   记者在现场采访了该公司的法人黄女士。黄女士介绍,按照正常程序,公司辞退员工都需要由她本人签字确认,但这次一次性辞退这么多员工并没有经她本人签字同意。“为什么辞退这些人,我也不清楚,都是我们公司一位姓汪的副总处理的,他没有找我签字。具体原因要问他。”   记者现场拨打了这位汪总的电话,他表示自己正在外边,事情全部情况已经向黄女士说清楚了,该由她回答记者的问题,随后挂断了电话。   黄女士说,公司将正面面对问题、解决问题,“员工的劳动合同需盖公章,公章目前在外地,所以没把合同给员工。但我们会按照《劳动合同法》处理,补发当月工资,且依法给予补偿。”   记者在采访过程中,武昌区劳动监察大队一位工作人员赶到了现场,听取了员工的说法,随后对公司法人黄女士进行了情况询问,要求其一周内将公司资料,包括员工的工资表交给劳动监察部门。这名工作人员表示,将按照相关法律积极为被辞退员工处理善后事情。相关的主题文章: