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Business If major part of your business is getting done through emails and you are very seriously concerned about providing timely services to your customers and punctual replies to your clients then, I must tell you that email wireless solution is just the thing you need at the earliest. Researches have proved this point that on time response to your customer’s emails and queries can increase the sales by big percentages, can add new customers and clients plus it can make your existing customers rely more on you. This all happens because of good customer service provided by you by the aid of a wireless email system. The only equipments that you require to use this wireless emailing system are a mobile phone gadget, software installed, which is used for connectivity and a wireless carrier. If you are equipped with all these things you are ready to use this system of emailing through wireless modes and experience the boost up of your sales. Devices that can also be used in place of mobile phone gadgets are PDAs, palmtops and laptops. But mobile phones with the ability to receive and reply your emails just like your notebooks, laptops and personal .puters is the latest innovation in the world of wireless emailing. Nowadays, every mobile phone is equipped with this program of wireless emailing system. A recent research conducted by the radicati group named wireless email market trend 2003-2007′ revealed that emailing through wireless system has increased the time; an employer or the employee spends in his workplace or dedicate towards their work. This research provides four year forecast, latest trends in this technology and devices used for it and data for wireless market. This study shows that employees who are using wireless emailing system puts 55 more minutes to his work than those who are not using this system Which is expected to grow to one hour and 20 minutes by the end of this year. This study revealed a very interesting fact that more than ten million business professionals will be using this wireless email system by the end of the year 2007. This surprising growth will be influenced by the invasion of many multi-functional mobile devices in the market which will be enabled of wireless emailing and the reduction of the costs of wireless email servers and service providers. The other factor responsible for this will be the cheaper availability of mobile devices. This research also revealed that majority of corporate market and business enterprises will prefer to gain total control over their corporate I.T .munications and contacts. This was expected in this report that the revenue of wireless emailing service providers will touch $228 million by the year 2003 and massive $812 million by the end of the year, 2007. The world is moving quite rapidly towards adopting the wireless email solutions and definitely in times to .e, almost all business users and more than 50% of general users will be subscribed to some form of wireless email services. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: