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Tennis Tennis rackets involve lots of money thus each player must put in some effort and research before buying the next one. While buying the tennis racket, points of consideration should be the type of the player as well as the mechanics that the player uses while playing. If these two factors are studied carefully, it is possible to find the tennis racquet that suits a player the best. For the players who regularly take part in the competitions, it is important to choose the one that would never put them in trailing position in any competition. Wilson Tennis Rackets have become synonymous with the game. The company has a wide range of products catering to the needs of beginners to grand slam players. Wilson Rackets that were in the market serving the players of all skill levels were the Wilson K Factor rackets. These rackets used K-factors (k)arophite black, (k)connector,(k)ompact Center and (k)Ontour yoke to ensure the best level of stability, maneuverability and feel for the players who are using the rackets. The latest in the series of Wilson Rackets is the Wilson BLX series. The new series has created its own signature mark by replacing the old Wilson K-factor rackets. BLX series is a great one for beginners as well as intermediate players who require maximum power as well as better feel and control over their rackets to play seamlessly. For the players who are planning to invest money to buy the best tennis rackets, it is important to look into the technology that Wilson BLX uses to serve the players better. BLX is an improvement over Wilson (k) airport technology. Wilson K factor combines carbon black and silicon dioxide with graphite fibers which has increased strength and at the same time has got a light weight for better handling. BLX uses basalt fibers that get added to (k)arophite fibers thereby making the BLX rackets much stronger and with a better feel. Players find these rackets with reduced shock and vibration while striking the ball. For an intermediate to competitive player who is looking for a racquet with state of the art materials and with an excellent feel, none other than Wilson BLX rackets could be the best ones. Players have several models to choose from. Irrespective of what racket a player prefers, if it is from Wilson, it is no doubt the best quality racket which cannot be compared with racket from any other company. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: