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Why don’t you succeed in business? Wonderful master: because there is a big loophole in the law of cause and effect is the law of the world (image: Phoenix Buddhism) the Buddha’s most emphasis on the law of cause and effect, but also attach great importance to the law of cause and effect. What is the law of cause and effect? The laws of the universe, the laws of the universe. The universe is such a law, not created by the buddha. It is Buddha who has discovered the law of the existence of the universe, so let us talk about the law of cause and effect. Cause and effect is divided into external material cause and effect. Modern science focuses on the study of external material causation. Buddhism stresses that the latter is the internal cause and effect. The act of bringing happiness and good fortune is good, and vice versa. Here the Buddha said that good luck is good, it must have a good luck and happiness. Our "right" because, with this because, inevitably produce rare and auspicious happy fruit, so we must know the law of cause and effect. Some people have asked me, said: "master, I do business, tell a lie?" I said absolutely not. He said: "that my business can not make money?" I said: "do not earn money is your cause and effect, you planted in front of the cause, will be able to make money, do not have that kind of, because it is not." He said: "I lied to sell things later, it was not worth the price, I said he bought a." I said: "you told so many people, why so many people do not buy? You think that you have no such as, seeds, said a corn seed, when autumn time can grow corn?" He said: "can not be long." He also understood this truth, not to be confused that can grow up, he said that can not be long. I say this is a truth, you earn money is not lie, not planted this reason, it will not have this fruit. If you say a true word, say how much I come in this thing, but I want to sell how much money, you buy or not to buy with you, I tell you the truth. It is true that it has planted a true cause, and in the future will have a real fruit. Why do many entrepreneurs succeed? Just because he doesn’t lie, because he doesn’t lie. You lie, you will not get the fruit. This is a very real truth, we should see clearly. Some say, "my business is not successful". Just because you’re lying, lying doesn’t produce the right results. It is not wrong to say that the relationship between the fruit and the cause is what it is. We should know is inevitable because of Zhengguo, so we should have a real confidence for luck. If we really in this auspicious Buddha said to do, there is a natural heart healthy, with mindfulness, we lucky then came naturally. But today is not only lucky, always on the auspicious, and you can feel their loved ones around auspicious, this is very special. (this excerpt from Miao Xiang "auspicious" by the master record) [introduction] Miao Xiang master mage, Liaoning Haicheng Dabei temple abbot. Start NFAM home Buddhist period, strictly observe the five precepts. After Li’an CI master in Mount Wutai in Shanxi, ordained by monks quit. 1.相关的主题文章: