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Who moved to push the avoidance of "cheese" education gets people.com.cn push the avoidance of qualifications, the legitimate rights and interests of students through a personal effort to get the students rely on consistently learning ability, scientific research level and win the treatment, should be fully respected. Excellent students flow into school "heterogeneous environment", they are more likely to break the mindset, agitate innovation spark. Now, when the national exemption recommend outstanding college graduates graduate (hereinafter referred to as the push avoidance) hot season, and have frequently broke some restrictions illegal school students apply for freedom of news, such as "a college is refers to occupy a hundred push quota free, realized to the students to go to graduate school at a University" "push free bonus first commitment reported to the school", what is more, the student is intentionally left the school and students can get free qualification of the two unrelated things hard to bind to "black box operation" to "frozen" top-notch talent, "blocking" top extrapolation. Back in history, to encourage students to study hard, comprehensive development, as early as 1985, China has started a college exemption recommend outstanding college graduates for master’s degree system, after years of practice, push the avoidance system has become an important part of China’s postgraduate enrollment system. In 2003, the Ministry of education to improve the recommendation proportion of colleges and universities, also set up a special detention limit. However, after a period of enrollment practice, many colleges and universities often the most outstanding students through a variety of "system design" to stay in school, "meet the eye everywhere homegrown phenomenon. A small number of students even allowed to cross flow, the more "good commend not commend, did not reach the reasonable, the natural flow of talent. Then, in 2014 held a national push the avoidance of open information service system and management training meeting, the Ministry of education was first proposed to cancel the University School limit "in this regard, the reaction of some provinces located in the Midwest is particularly strong. Behind this, some colleges and universities on the excellent students will be peacock fly southeast, and give up, as well as disciplinary strength, teachers, funding and other aspects of the lack of competitiveness. As a result, some colleges and universities began to try to retain talent. Of course, want to have good university students, the school outstanding students to retain the original no ground for blame but in practice, some universities try to through the various "artificial soil" policy delay, even forced pushing the avoidance of stress free flow, the laws at the expense of a solid barrier, which spans a source to flow in Colleges and universities, and deprived of their basic rights to apply for college and professional candidates should enjoy the freedom of choice, but also makes the postgraduate entrance examination system to promote social mobility function. To explore in depth, which can not be separated from the deep-rooted cultural tradition of pragmatism, and is closely related to the lack of awareness of academic freedom. In fact, "the abolition of University School limit", the author hopes that some universities can reflect and try to find the cause to consider. In fact, the Midwest universities also have some unique advantages to be deep, for instance, a good learning environment to dispel impetuous breath, easy in the local employment advantage, the teacher-student relationship is more simple, and how these "soft power";相关的主题文章: