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What’s wrong with the poor? They are not a poor tour pal – [lead] tourism Sohu this may be the most Chinese "story" travel public no.. Welcome to pay attention to the travel writer Liu Xiaoshun after 80 (Liu small Shun public number: lxslvxing), along with small Shun travel will continue to provide the most unique global travel story! "Past tense" – season second – [18, QiongYou what is wrong? They are not a poor tour PAL] I a person abruptly came to Nepal, and Aaron did not do your homework. I didn’t find in Nepal’s LonelyPlanet in Lhasa, the Xinhua Bookstore purchased the domestic tour guide book, the book describes the contents can be too general, after reading only know that Kathmandu is called Durbar Square where it seems worth a visit – Duba Nepali is the "imperial palace", the Palace Square is is the essence of ancient buildings in nepal. Who knows, the Kathmandu Valley has three Durbar Square, located in the center of the three city of Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur, this is after Dylan told me to know. Because I had a glimpse of Bhaktapur, where the distant quiet and memorable, but everyone will have to wait three or four days to receive a visa to India, we decided to take advantage of this time to stay in Bhaktapur for two days. The morning of September 6, 2011, we get up the back of the room, the mountaineering bags stored in Yanki Hotel, only a small back packing some necessary articles for daily use, out of the Tamil region, along the road opposite the Palace Museum has come to the park bus. Why is it called bus park? Because there is only a bus hub, and there is no unified platform ticket office and, for each of the battalion transport saw us a few foreign tourists coming out, quickly gathered to fall over each other to recommend tourist routes, all kinds of strange accent stacked together to hear who said that Bhaktapur is. Later, hard to find a good English tourists to help, we finally boarded the bus right, the tickets are really cheap, the only offer 20 rupees to 15 rupees, we also, only more than 1 yuan a ride in two city bus. I found that sometimes counter-offer has become obsessive, regardless of whether it is necessary. Kathmandu bus is very old, but the color is bright, red green yellow, from the abnormal bold color can imagine it must shine before new people feel dizzy, even sitting can clearly feel the South peculiar unrestrained breath inside. More than an hour, the bus finally stopped at the gate of the ancient city of Bhaktapur. We have a look, oh, so expensive, tickets actually 1100 rupees, before we even think about burning temple 500 rupees tickets are reluctant to pay now, if this huge sum of money, not wasted? We are going to make a wink, cheek again. The conductor had walked over and stood waiting by the ticket, in order to avoid her suspicious, we had to trick, a Japanese and quasi nonsense.相关的主题文章: