Wednesday competes 004 analysis attack weak, keep strong, Belarus for self

On Wednesday 004 SMG analysis: attack weak keep strong Belarus survive Wednesday 004 international tournament Greece VS Belarus 2016-11-10 03:15 location: Cales Cachi stadium weather: 17 degrees cloudy Greece situation: Greece suffered Waterloo earlier in the French European Cup qualifier, the team ranked second in the final group, failed to qualify for the team match even by the Faroe Islands double belly team. After the sinking, Greece rebounded in the near future, the friendly match defeated Australia and Holland two strong rivals, Russia world cup qualifiers, Greek team 3 battle all won the game. The lineup aspect, is currently playing in Serie A Rome Greek defender Manola by the period of injury from the list. The Portuguese midfielder Andreas played for Benfica – Samari J is back. Belarus’s status: Belarus as a three team from the European team, World Cup qualifying team of Holland and the two French rival, 3 World Cup Belarus had only got 2 flat 1 negative record, although the home court and strength of good French team, but also by struggling home court Luxemburg and. The defensive performance of the team was good, but the offensive ability was relatively limited. But it’s worth noting that Belarus have won 2 recent warm-up matches, beating Ireland and Norway respectively. Confrontation history: two teams in the past record of a fight, the Greek team home 1-0 win the game. Game Analysis: SMG Shengping Fu played the war out of the 1.61-3.20-5.10 SP combination, SMG data pulled high negative compensate, relatively flat compensate down, in a reasonable overtures Greece at the same time, the two teams even have to guard against the disc Greece Lord let hemisphere water advantage on disk, shortly after the transition to the Greek main make a handicap the high water surface in the upper plate does not have additional tension under the background of subject matter, or disc guide tendency, the war of Greece’s home court need to guard against the unpopular, SMG Shengping Fu Ping, wins the play recommended.

周三竞彩004分析:攻弱守强 白俄罗斯求自保周三004 国际赛 希腊VS白俄罗斯 2016-11-10 03:15 地点:卡雷斯卡奇球场 天气:17度 多云 希腊队近况: 希腊在此前的法国欧洲杯预选赛上遭遇了滑铁卢,球队小组最终排名倒数第二位,未能获得出线资格,小组赛里甚至遭到了鱼腩队伍法罗群岛的双杀。在经历了沉沦之后,希腊近期强势反弹,友谊赛接连击败澳大利亚和荷兰两个劲敌,俄罗斯世界杯预选赛,希腊小组3战全部拿到了比赛的胜利。阵容方面,目前效力于意甲罗马的希腊后防大将马诺拉斯因伤退出了本期大名单。效力于葡超本菲卡的中场安德里亚斯-萨马里斯则是重新回归。 白俄罗斯队近况: 白俄罗斯为来自欧洲的一支三流实力的队伍,球队世界杯预选赛所在小组有荷兰和法国两个劲敌,白俄罗斯此前的3场世预赛仅拿到了2平1负战绩,虽然主场逼和了实力不俗的法国队,但主场也被弱旅卢森堡逼和。球队防守端表现不错,但进攻能力相对有限。不过值得注意的是,白俄罗斯最近客场2个热身赛都取得了胜利,分别击败了爱尔兰和挪威。 交锋历史: 两队过往一次交锋记录,希腊队主场1-0取得了比赛的胜利。 比赛分析: 竞彩胜平负玩法本战开出了1.61-3.20-5.10的SP组合,竞彩数据拉高负赔,平赔相对压低,在合理示好希腊队的同时,对两队打平有所防范,亚盘希腊队主让半球中水优势起盘,后市盘口过渡至希腊主让半 一高水盘面,在上盘不具备额外拉力题材背景下,升盘有引导倾向,本战希腊队主场需要防范冷门,竞彩胜平负玩法推荐平、胜。相关的主题文章: