We are coming Joe Chen swimming pool Grilled clothes, the beauty of the new realm of the United Stat replays.net

"We are coming" Joe Chen swimming pool "Grilled clothes" beauty of the United States out of the new realm of this Friday, Hunan satellite TV, "we are here," Tengchong station wonderful to continue, this period of public interest tour scene. Ten guests for the Song Qingling foundation to provide the fund, have come up with special skills, from photography to stone, the two teams with Yuan Hong kneeling in public washboard, exhaust all the skills, from Carina Lau "abuse"? Photographer Jiang Yiyan online, carry camera photo shoot for a team led by Joe Chen; chowhound "F4" women’s day official debut, super comedy stars eat lead; three of the CP pool staged war, love to kill, who can win? There is a mysterious X male god surprise guests to join, and opened a sports will open up a fresh outlook. Carina Lau, "we have come to the" forward Carina Lau Yuan Hong staged public Dallas drama "we have come to the" public interest in this program to move on, the ten guests are divided into two groups for competition, through two rounds of photography and gambling, the winning party can be obtained by the Song Qingling foundation for the prize, and then donated to the local Tengchong the child as a "campaign fund". Jiang Yiyan "small photography experts" on the line, carrying a camera to take pictures of the players run around here and there, although the high-heeled shoes, still fit, command goddess who posed as a model, Angie, sister is very dedicated, showing exciting programs in photography. While the other team is brain hole wide open, the use of "washboard" props, directed a year Dallas drama, Yuan Hong was publicly kneeling washboard, Carina Lau hand akimbo as Xi Mengyao and Sheenah are forceful, each playing different roles, which is how good to play inside? The second part is the competition of the gambling stone, guests on "vision" to elect what stone the highest value, professional difficulty and trouble. In bet stone, priority to go through a knowledge contest to decide which team has chosen Wang Han stone, as in the program of "knowledge play", for the blue team won the first division, the red team was penalized "wind" blowing all a hideous mess, seeing the blue team won 4 points, "desperately Sheenah was in the" Saburo critical juncture on reversing the situation, for the red team pulled one back, fierce fighting, a hanging heart. "We have come to the" women’s Day "F4" on the Joe Chen Sheenah chowhound staged "pool clothes war" from "we" launched the first phase, the sisters in front of delicacy had no "idol burden", this time to Kunming, guests is to roll up its sleeves come into season. The rice noodle for breakfast, lunch, Yunnan cuisine, Carina Lau kept saying "delicious! Sheenah is more than a big bowl from the head, will eat a bowl of rice bowl bottomed out. At lunch, Wang Han named Joe Chen: "you really can eat!" See a face like the incredible captain Joe Chen smiled, pulling on the side of Karen Mok and Xi Mengyao, replied: "we are the Three Musketeers chowhound!" And the opposite Sheenah quickly raised his hand: "i! I! And i!" "We have come to the" women’s Day "F4" officially launched chowhound. After a short break after lunch, the goddess continue to fight, cool pool game is not only fun but also exciting to see. In the balloon game, Sheenah, Joe Chen, and Angie Chiu,.相关的主题文章: