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Movies-TV Animation has continued to charm people worldwide right from the time of Walt Disney to the current age of animated movies. The speciality with these movies lies in the fact that the director can go beyond the realistic realms of movie making with the characters capable of doing acts that in real life would be quite unheard of. The influence of cartoons has been quite a remarkable one in terms of them sharing the same respect with real life actors and actresses. Hence, everybody remembers the funny one liners of Bugs Bunny and Daffy duck along with the suave and sophisticated moves of James Bond. Animated feature films have turned out into worthwhile investments of time and money, apart from being extremely enjoyable and entertaining. There are many well known directors in the world who have taken a shot at making full length animated feature films and their efforts have certainly paid of. There are many names of such directors that can be given, however, the proper act would be that of giving the names of some of the best animated movies that have been made until now. A selected list of 5 such movies has been put forward: 1.Jungle Book 2.Lion King 3.Antz 4.Madagascar 5.Aladdin Each and every one of the entries of the aforementioned list have been directed by renowned directors who have a considerable string of hits to their credit. Then there are many directors like Steven Spielberg who have dwelled into the realm of animation. Hence, the world of animation movies has seen the magnificence and expertise of many well known directors. The online world has seen many wonderful things in the recent past, and it too has given its fare share of contribution to the increase in the awareness about animation films. Human beings have now been given the facility of buying CDs and DVDs of these movies online. Animated movies have, therefore, harped a worldwide nature. The Indian film industry has also realised the financial potential of the act of making feature films and, therefore, hindi animated movies are quite a reality now. In the current scenario, there have been many hindi animated movies that have created headlines. Some of them have been specified in the following list. 1.Hanuman 2.Gatochkatch The level of advancement that has taken place in the animation scenario from the Indian perspective is clear when one takes a look at the movie Hanuman. A number of well known actors have given their voices in this movie and it has also received worldwide acclaim. Till date, Hanuman can be termed as one of the best animated movies that has been created in India. The technology used behind the creation of animated pictures has be.e more and more advanced with the passage of time. Many well known production houses have invested lots of money in making all the technologies used in the creation of animated movies, more and more advanced. A look at the rate of advancement in the technologies used in making animated movies, reveals the fact that the future holds nothing but brilliance for the animated films sector. About the Author: Model NO.: YL-007M3DX Type: Home Alarm Signal Transmission: Wireless Alarm Working Mode: Passive Application: Indoor Sensor Type: Electric Alarm China facory! NEW Business GSM+PSTN alarm security system 1.2Attentions before usage 相关的主题文章: