Typhoon caused economic losses of more than 370 million in Ningde, resulting in 1 deaths and 1 missi-yezimei

The typhoon caused economic losses of more than 370 million Ningde caused 1 deaths and 1 people missing September 15th afternoon, reporters from Ningde city flood control office was informed that this year the fourteenth typhoon "Meranti" effect, as of 15 PM 5, nine Ningde county (city, district) 126 townships generally affected, the affected population of 114 thousand and 480 people and the total economic loss of 375 million 350 thousand yuan, 1 people were killed and 1 people missing tolls. It is reported that the fourteenth typhoon this year moranti "today (15 days) 17 weakened into a tropical depression, center located in Sanming City Ninghua County near the center of the largest wind 7, minimum central pressure of 99 thousand and 900 kPa, bring a dangerous situation. By the strong typhoon "Meranti", from the beginning of 14, Ningde city appeared around the obvious precipitation process, rainfall regions covering the whole territory of Ningde. According to statistics 14, 8 -15, 16, the city’s more than 100 mm of rainfall in the township has 46, of which more than 200 mm and 8 mm, more than 300 and 3, respectively, Xiapu Bai Yang 338 mm, Zherong 326 mm, Dongyuan ocean at 318 mm, maximum one hour rainfall Zherong Zha Yang 88 mm, three hour rainfall of 160 mm at Zherong ocean. Ningde City Flood Control Office of foreign states, the typhoon brought heavy rainfall caused the reservoir increases rapidly and the river water level rise, as of 16, the total storage capacity of 24 large and medium-sized reservoirs in the city of 1 billion 434 million cubic meters (8 by 212 million cubic meters), accounting for 79% of the water storage. At present, Nanxi Tantou, Bai Yang, Xi Xi, Jin Han, mulberry, Gutian two and shuangkoudu 8 medium-sized reservoirs is flood season, river floods occur close to the level of assurance. On the afternoon of 15 white stone, the White Pagoda, Fu’an water station has peak water level, 15:55, Fu’an Baita hydrological station peak water level 32.25 meters, the warning level of 6.25 meters (26 meters), than the guaranteed water level (32.9 meters) 0.65 meters lower, the corresponding flow of 9480 cubic meters per second, the return period is slightly over 10 years since 1969, measured second floods, after the 2006 typhoon "Saomai" 10200 cubic meters per second. According to the Fujian Meteorological Station forecast, "Meranti" will continue to move north, the strength to continue to weaken, is expected to "Meranti" night out today in our province. Today night, Ningde, Fuzhou, Putian and other parts of the three cities of Nanping, Quanzhou, local heavy rain, rainfall of 40~70 mm for 12 hours, local more than 70 mm. Tomorrow (16 days), with "Meranti" away, rainfall decreased significantly.相关的主题文章: