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Womens-Issues When you think about the Red Carpet, what .es to mind? If you are like any average person, you may think of Hollywood, movie stars, cameras, beauty, sparkles, and style. As one of the leading manufacturers of crystal accessories and wedding jewelry, Swarovski crystals are now making headway into stardom. During the 2006 Academy Awards, Diane Kruger showed off her authentic Swarovski crystal handbag. Her beautiful gown and stunning Star Collector handbag turned many heads as she walked gracefully down the Red Carpet. Swarovski has collaborated with The Heart Truth campaign and the Red Dress Collection of 2007 to promote woman’s heart health awareness. American Idol’s, Katherine McPhee, had the wonderful opportunity of attending the 2007 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York. On National Wear Red Day, she wore a Daniel Swarovski one-of-a-kind red ruby cocktail dress inspired by The Heart Truth national awareness campaign. The Swarovski .pany does more than produce the highest quality of handbags, wedding jewelry, and household accessories. The stunning cocktail dress worn by Katherine McPhee was handmade in Paris. In support of heart-health awareness among woman, this one-of-a-kind eye-catching dress was custom-designed with over 78,000 ruby crystals. Although it took over a month to make, it was for a worthy cause. The Swarovski .pany is definitely raising the bar. Not only has Swarovski mastered fashion, accessories, and wedding jewelry, but also has entered into a new realm of design. The set production team for the 2007 Academy Awards collaborated with Swarovski to create a masterpiece design for stage curtains. Not yet revealed, this 34-foot customized Austrian crystal work of art is made of over 50,000 Swarovski crystals. With a project of that magnitude, it is no wonder Swarovski has over 9,000 employees. If you are a modern bride looking for a little glitter and a lot of style in your wedding, you do not need to walk the Red Carpet to wear Swarovski Crystal jewelry. With a select line of products available in stores and online, Swarovski is .mitted to supporting celebrities, woman’s heart health campaigns, and ordinary brides just like you. Swarovski crystals have seen the Red Carpet and can be a part of your special day. Its wonderful line of wedding jewelry is sure to enhance even the drabbest bridal gown. Who knows? You just might spot a Swarovski crystal jewelry set similar to yours on the Red Carpet. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: