Tracking of telecommunications fraud stealth Harbin police tell you the steps of money

Tracking of telecommunications fraud stealth Harbin police tell you the steps of scam suspects riding a motorcycle to send cash withdrawals. They are telecommunications fraud "hackers" enemies, they called themselves the Honker, average age is 27 years old, the youngest team called the city’s police. In June this year, the newly established Municipal Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Detachment two battalion three squadron "anti telecommunications fraud squadron", specially recorded data capture micro camera in the charge with electricity, a number of U disk inserted in the computer interface, the players while finishing with a thick stack of files, while joking with each other: "you the U disk with the Trojans inserted in my computer! You are a poison king!" This is only a Harbin anti telecommunications fraud Squadron, although the "old team" just "hundred days", can record not thin. The suspect was arrested after the camera turned to avoid. Hackers drag library stolen data to change the password to storm the Apple phone becomes a brick recently broke a new case." Full of confidence in the 13 all graduated from the University of public security police college young members, responsible for the formation of all the squadron 24 year old Shen called over to reporters mysterious smile: "this is the technology of coffee! In front of him, there is no open door!" Telecommunications fraud is a people hate to see a foot into the pit, may go bankrupt. A real liar is like an invisible man, hidden in a cell phone, a computer. With superb computer technology to ensure the safety of the "off" of the task is through the layers of camouflage, let liar exposed a Diudiu really, and then along the slightest clue, I find. The liar and even hiding outside the country, so in all criminal cases, telecommunications fraud detection difficult. "You this manuscript to what effect?" Southern accent small Shen asked. Of course, decryption, so that people know how to be cheated, learn to prevent, but also to allow hackers to tremble!" "Well, I teach you a few jargon, sent the manuscript, hackers see, know the police is really knowledgeable. Drag library! Four big! You first take down these two!" Drag library was originally a database domain terminology, refers to the data derived from the database. Now, it is used to refer to the site after being hacked by hackers to steal its database. In April 12th, the Municipal Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Detachment received Qiao Bing (a pseudonym): Apple ID iPhone mobile phone alarm number and iPad and the password was changed, the equipment into decoration, not completely. His mailbox received an email from the suspect. The content of the message is: "unlock QQ3033385***, your unlock serial number is: L7, we are not responsible for the loss of the unlock data." Suspects in the ATM machine withdrawals monitoring. Although the hated teeth itch, but Joe ice or according to the message content and QQ number to contact each other, said the need to spend money to unlock. Qiao Bing was the first to turn the other Alipay account 600 yuan of money, but the other requirements of insatiable, turn again 400 yuan to tell the password. Can be transferred to 400 yuan, the other side still do not give the password, directly lost contact. Suspects master the core information of Apple users, it is likely to be obtained by dragging the library..相关的主题文章: