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Too fight! Mark broke a rib pain to make a movie not on large entertainment – Sohu Mark filming broken ribs Sohu entertainment news according to Taiwan media news "cloud" reports, Mark received Luc Besson picked the show by producer, screenwriter fantasy adventure blockbuster "warrior’s gate", the film co production method, cost 1 billion 500 million yuan after 1 and a half years after the system was completed with shooting. "Warrior" 15 held in Beijing premiere, director Mathis Horn (Matthias Hoene), Mark, Ni Ni and Wu Zhenyu attended, Mark revealed himself when filming broken ribs, Gao Yuanyuan immediately came to visit, but he also did not dare to dump pain. The first time Mark and Luc – Besson, at first he managed to guide for cold-shoulder treatment, "received the invitation of course feel honored, after reading the script also feel very interesting story, fantasy, just think age is relatively low, the story is relatively simple, that is not so challenging, so I declined." The Luc – Besson did not give up, even Pro phone solicitation, persuaded Mark. When shooting a scene Mark accidentally inserted injuries result in scabbard rib fracture, he no pain to the hospital immediately, the rest is even on the toilet all let him pain, so sometimes choose to hold. And Gao Yuanyuan learned that her husband was injured, immediately flew to the Guilin to take care of himself in the shooting, and therefore stop shooting 2 weeks of Mark, the delay for the crew feel guilty. This is the first time Mark has performed in English, although he grew up in Canada, but for the first time in English, the challenge is not small! Also found that ordinary English chat is okay, but really want to perform in English, with usual Chinese lines still have very big difference. The west is also coupled with humor, so the rhythm, and the degree is different from Chinese film. The performance based from their own seen Hollywood commercial movies a lot of mastery in their performance, but not particularly to the WHO model, is very enjoyable experience."   相关的主题文章: