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Today the weather was dry at equinox to water next week to dry down yesterday afternoon, in Hankou Garden Expo, visitors in by twos and threes with the relics of the upper market even. The holidays, people in Hankou receded appears particularly quiet, very suitable for taking pictures and meditation about. Reporter Yu Zhiyong photo today, Wuhan will usher in the solar term in the sunny weather in the next few days, we will continue to have no rain dry day, rain may have to wait until next week will come to our city and noise reduction. Yesterday, Wuhan sunny, although the temperature is not high, the highest temperature in the afternoon is still below 30 degrees Celsius, but the sun dried the air moisture, the afternoon minimum air relative humidity dropped to below 30%. Today, the three day, Wuhan continued sunny to cloudy weather, air humidity continues to be low, while the afternoon temperature will rise daily, the highest temperature may rise to about 32 degrees Celsius, the summer seems reluctant to say goodbye to everyone. In recent years, more precipitation in Hubei, including Wuhan, is less, and drought has occurred in some areas of Hubei province. According to the meteorological department is expected, 24 days, Western Hubei will have rainfall, 26 day rainfall range will be expanded to the province, is expected after 27 days of the province’s rainfall ended. According to the Central Meteorological Observatory 7 day weather forecast, Wuhan 26, 27, two days there will be light rain, when the rain is expected to moisten the thirsty Wuhan. Hubei Provincial Meteorological Bureau said, if appropriate, this weekend, Hubei province may increase artificial rain, alleviate the drought in our province. Wuhan is expected to sunny cloudy day today, temperature of 17 DEG -30 DEG 50%-90%, humidity, easterly 2 to 3; tonight to tomorrow sunny to cloudy, the temperature of 19 DEG -31 DEG, easterly 2 to 3 tomorrow, the day after tomorrow is cloudy, the temperature of 22 DEG -32 DEG, easterly 2 to 3. The solar term health related video

今天迎秋分天气依旧干 雨水下周才能来降燥昨天下午,在园博园汉口里,三三两两的游客在充满古韵的街市上流连。节假日之外,人潮退去的汉口里显得分外安宁,很适合拍照和静心游逛。记者喻志勇摄今天,武汉会在晴朗天气里迎来秋分节气,未来几天大家会继续过无雨干燥的日子,雨水可能要等到下周才会来给我市降燥。昨天,武汉阳光明媚,虽然气温不算高,午后最高气温仍在30℃以下,但阳光晒干了空气中水分,午后最低空气相对湿度跌至30%以下。今起三天,武汉市持续晴到多云天气,空气湿度继续在低位徘徊,而午后气温会逐日走高,后天最高气温可能会回升到32℃左右,夏天似乎还不愿和大家告别。近段时间,包括武汉在内的湖北多地降水偏少,湖北省部分地区已经出现旱情。据气象部门预计,24日开始,湖北西部将会有降雨发生,26日降雨范围将扩大到全省,预计27日以后全省降雨结束。根据中央气象台7日天气预报,武汉26日、27日两天会有小雨,届时雨水有望来滋润一下干渴的武汉。而湖北省气象局人士表示,如果条件适合,本周末,湖北省可能会进行人工増雨作业,缓解我省西部旱情。预计武汉今天白天多云到晴天,气温17℃-30℃,湿度50%-90%,偏东风2到3级;今晚到明天白天晴天到多云,气温19℃-31℃,偏东风2到3级,明晚到后天白天多云,气温22℃-32℃,偏东风2到3级。相关视频 秋分节气养生相关的主题文章: