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The winter at an altitude of 4600 meters of cocoa Xilidang volunteers – Sohu of tourism ecological environment protection in Yangtze River water Tuotuohe station "Green River NGO" is a non-governmental environmental protection organization. See it in the news we recruit volunteers, for the first time reported the name. Energy saving and environmental protection, we always adhere to the concept of. As volunteers, we can not only start from their own, but also the opportunity of organized and planned to make a copy of your contribution. After registration, screening, interview and physical examination, we passed quickly, will work for a month in November to protect the ecological environment of Yangtze River water in the Tuotuohe near the Tibetan plateau. As a volunteer, this month we work, not only wage subsidies, travel expenses must also bear their own. In November 1, 2014 8, after the completion of " Ford: " self driving activities, we flew direct from Nanchang to Xining, the change in the Xining 21:55 K9803 train that night, the next day at 6:45 in the morning arrived in Golmud. The sky is still very dark. In the train last night to sleep almost sweat, a car to instantly feel the chill to his face hit. Golmud Railway Station train station on the side of the road (Qinghai Tibet highway) the first whistle for convenience, we moved to the front of the train station "seven days" (the hotel accommodation is in front of the self), she also donated an additional day breakfast. Originally, Xining is a train directly to the tuotuohe. But taking into account the protection of the station is located in the Hoh Xil area, 4590 meters above sea level, is a high incidence of high. Therefore, organizers require volunteers to stay in Golmud for two nights in order to have an adaptive process. I have breakfast after shampoo bath, feel refreshed! The room is very warm, the plateau of the sun through the window will be playing the whole room very bright and very bright, so beautiful weather in the mainland should be a luxury. The emperor believes that Golmud is less than 3000 meters above sea level, must be appropriate to increase the amount of exercise in order to adapt as soon as possible. So, after breakfast, we walked to the city center. The streets of Golmud are very spacious, on both sides of the road is a row of tall trees, although still odd hanging leaves, but suffused with yellow leaves lying on the ground clearly tell the people that the winter has arrived. It is said that this is the second snow in Golmud for the Middle East, the sky is too extravagant. I have a very very blue day walk to walk very far, through many streets, playing several pile of snow in the glare of the sun shining to squint through a small forest scale. The trees were still hanging on the leaves, and the yellow ones were blown down by the wind or snow. The female from a pile of leaves were found in the array, so clearly, to live how seriously can we have? Pick up back in the book, like a clip of a memory. We were walking and playing while taking pictures, rarely see the snow female play very hi. That day, I and the two folk songs total distance of not less than 8 kilometers on foot. That night, we met with a 63 year old doctor samuume. Cold doctor is.相关的主题文章: