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The movie "who moved my brother" boot – Sohu staged friendship entertainment movie "who moved my brother" boot Sohu entertainment news recently, led by the Shandong pavls Film Co., Ltd jointly "digital film shooting who moved my brother" in Tianjin on Wuqing District in Hong Ye Television Culture Co. Ltd. and Beijing sunwit world film culture media, through ten days of effort, the successful completion of the film work. According to the new director and screenwriter Zhang Guangkuo said, the film is based on a true story, the film tells the story of become sworn brother and sister made a "the same year on the same day, but the same death oath. When the boss suddenly died, the remaining four is still struggling to face the promise? With the emergence of the murderer, the story into another mystery, a step closer to the truth of the process, through the dark side of human nature to expose and attack to reflect on the attitude of the treatment of emotion. The film’s creative representation is confident of the intercedens award, the film will be based on dialectical unique angle of view, through the positive and negative of 80 blood plot portray simple expression, not forget the early heart the essence of. "I love this story very much, each of the hearts of young people have brothers feelings, and grow up is not like the original blood play, when the brothers met with difficulties, they will still give maximum help! The original brother may be because of the way to go now, rather than we change. Maybe the environment changed, or the world has changed, but no matter how the heart is always in perfect sympathy with each other between the brothers heart will never change." Powell pictures chairman Bao Huijun said. "We are very optimistic about the new director Zhang Guangkuo, the film is also very confident in the major awards finalists. He is very serious, very talented, every job early Qinliqinwei, are expected to repeatedly, every aspect of the story plot and rehearsal!" Another investor in Ningbo said. We look forward to the small cost of the film can become the first high-quality film and television works.   相关的主题文章: