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The mid autumn outing | I and Changting Hakka food about tourism "- Sohu has two China most beautiful town, Hunan is one of the Phoenix, one of Fujian Changting. "75 years ago, and Bethune’s famous international friends — Louis · Ai Li, set foot on Changting. Three times before visiting him, issued a "one of the" Chinese praised the two most beautiful town. 9.15-9.16, mid autumn festival. We walked into Changting, the ancient city stroll, taste the food, see the golden paddy fields, to experience the Hakka style, feel a different kind of Mid Autumn Festival, found not the same as the beauty of Fujian. If you are not going to, the Mid Autumn Festival, wish and latitude buddies together, go for it! The manual will Qingshiban walked in the street on the streets of the ancient Ming and Qing Dynasties under the back of the shop before the store store house of leisure and comfort does not seem to be dedicated to a single business here in the traditional and modern commercial production of small collision now is still full of life reading all the vicissitudes of life as fresh yellow, black mud and Hakka copycat tiles, wooden house stone steps everywhere eight hundred years away from the hubbub of original village form the most primitive life state of Hakka ancestors living old shabby appearance of live specimens everywhere suffused with mark time unique characteristics of the Hakka here with time slowly swaying colorful ladder "Tian Tian hats" than small Tong Fang since ancient times that the Hakka ancestors in a true portrayal of the mountains cutting field Yamada surrounded by terraces becomes unvarnished winding spring snail slope mound connected to connect in the day Blue sky, white clouds, clear color shine autumn picturesque terraces like Tibetan painting a natural reference trip in the mountains (9.15 DAY 1) 7:30 to the designated place set, drove to Longyan Changting. 12:30 arrived in Changting County, ready to eat lunch. Then Check Inn Hotel. 16:00 walk the ancient city of Changting, with a latitude citywalk. 18:30 rich variety of snacks, we choose according to their own preferences. 20:30 tavern, Hakka rice wine products, like a happy fairy. 22:00 Fasthotel. DAY 2 (9.16) 8:30 after breakfast, collect the car, go to Hakka cottage. 9:30 arrived at the destination, visit the village, feel the life of the Hakka people. 11:30 eat Hakka food. 13:30 after lunch, drive to Tong fang. 15:00 tour terraced landscape, taking pictures. 16:30 ready to return to destination. The costs of collection, 8:45 7:30 location: Quan Zhou Railway Station XiaMen North Railway Station travel: driving, can choose to carpool (pay carpool fees) travel expenses: 360 yuan traveler. The fee includes: "1" tickets: free travel attractions, in addition to the Hakka copycat jar Dong slide. (30 yuan) "2" accommodation: D1 night hotel room (double room two room Fasthotel) No.相关的主题文章: