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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Consumer electronics refers to those electronic items which are to be used by people in their day today works. These items can be broadly classified into the categories of .munications and entertainment. The former include the .mon place examples of the mobile phones, personal .puters and many other devices which are used for .munication purposes. The latter include the devices such as the MP3 players, DVDs, VCRs, and many more. Even from a cursory look, it would look evident that these two categories cannot be held separate or distinguished from each other. There is a definite overlap of the functions of one category or the other. This overlap is called convergence. So, you do have a .puter which is used not only for .municating or gaining some information but also for entertainment. Similarly, you can have the HTC and the mobiles of other .panies, called smartphones, which are used not only for .munication but also for the entertainment like listening to music. So, the convergence of the technologies has been the main trend of the consumer electronics industry for the past decade or so. There has also been a definite improvement in the quality of the output of the devices as well which has led to their improved performances. The ushering in of the high definition performance levels, the improvements in the display and the audio technologies and many such trends have also been a marked feature of the entertainment industry. These trends, coupled with the mixing of the trend of convergence, have it possible to have the systems like the home theatre systems which can deliver the excellent output in terms of the audio and the video capabilities. In the field of small as well as large display technology, the aim has been to make the products more practical, user friendly and with better viewing quality of the pictures and the videos. This has been sought to be achieved by the making of the flat panel displays with the LCD or the LED display technology, better resolution levels, better aspect ratios, better contrast ratios and many more improved features. The same technology is being used for the .puter monitors, televisions and many other devices where the lighting is to be done. For the audio part, there have been improvements in the technology of the storage mediums like the CD/DVD/blu-ray discs, the players like the MP3, the audio output devices like the speakers and a number of other control devices like the amplifiers, modulators and many others. Connectivity among the electronic appliances with or without the wired connections has been another noticeable trend of the consumer electronics industry. Even within this, the trend has been more towards the wireless connectivity. The use of the wi-fi technology for the inter. connectivity, the blue tooth connectivity between the devices has enabled more flexible operations of these devices by the users. So, the technological convergence, improvements and connectivity have been the main noticeable trends of the consumer electronics industry. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: