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The economic crisis in India is doomed? India manufacturing can not save – Sohu finance India loan market shows that the rate of expansion of enterprises in India is declining. Read financial access to data show that the two quarter of the India scale of $8 billion 600 million, compared with a quarter fell 44%. Among them, the Bank of India, Axis bank and HDFC bank loans increased $1 billion 500 million, the real estate sector also has financial expansion momentum. But other industry performance is not ideal. This means that, in addition to the real estate industry, the development of other industries are faced with difficulties, and it does not consider the inter enterprise lending funds across the bridge. The current market situation has returned to the financial crisis in 2008. International oil prices rise in India, India is close to 80% of crude oil needs to be imported, if the international oil prices rose $1, the cost of imported oil in India will increase by $1 billion 360 million. At present, the U.S. WTI crude oil futures prices around $46 a barrel, Brent crude oil futures prices fluctuate from $48 a barrel. As far as India’s budget is concerned, the cost of India’s imports of crude oil should be around $66 billion, or about $48 a barrel. "Wall Street journal" released the world’s top 12 investment in the latest oil price forecast. The 12 investment banks remain at 50 dollars a barrel below average forecast for the fourth quarter of this year prices, but the banks all of the medium-term trend in oil prices continued to show optimistic expectations, the oil prices in 2017 the average forecast of $55 a barrel. At the same time, Standard Chartered Bank (Standard Chartered) once again optimistic about 2017 oil prices will be more than 70 U.S. dollars barrel. According to the India Express article said that if the international oil price Zhang Chao $60 a barrel, India will suffer economic crisis. In addition, the rise in crude oil prices will push up inflation in India is not conducive to the development of the domestic economy in India. 13 companies are facing debt crisis according to the economic times of India said that India is facing a huge debt. According to the latest report by the India rating and Research Institute, as of March fiscal year 500, India, 1/3 of the listed non-financial companies are not able to repay the interest rate on the debt of 2015. The report shows that in fiscal year 2015, India’s largest listed companies have a debt interest rate of less than 178 in the following 500 companies in less than 1%. India generally from last year’s April to this year in March as a fiscal year. Awtani, an analyst at the India rating agency, and the author of the report, Varun, said that overall, about 1/3 of companies now struggle to borrow from banks. In the field of infrastructure construction, project delays and cost improvement effect, increase the difficulty of borrowing. Steel Corp’s earnings fell sharply as commodity prices fell sharply. Some companies continue to operate with the benefit of additional loans, but now they are running out of money. In addition, the India public banks seem reluctant to lend money to these companies, because of the huge debt repayment ability of such companies are subject to greater questioning. Made.相关的主题文章: