The child to be born in the hospital corridors and pull up the single busy.-dachiyouxiang

Children should be born in the hospital corridor, people pull up, single busy delivery yesterday, in Wenzhou Pingyang County People’s Hospital in the corridor of this scene, really let people pinch cold sweat. How about the details? Listen to the teacher Beth slowly to. This is: happiness is "anxious", so unexpected; fortunately, all awesome, in your health! Yesterday morning at 8 o’clock, Wenzhou Pingyang County People’s hospital surgical inpatient first floor corridor, a pregnant woman by the family support, ready to go to the two floor delivery room. Who knows not upstairs, she would squat down, shouted: "stomach pain, children come out soon!" At that time, the director of the Department of gynaecology Chen Wu just from the first floor, heard the call, hurried to the past. Chen Wu told the teacher ", when the baby’s head out, already pregnant women can hardly move a step. She immediately let pregnant women lying down, called family members go to the nursing station to get sterile gloves, ready to deliver in situ. Due to the urgency of the situation, doctors and nurses nearby came to help at the first time: the telephone informed the delivery room, took the sheets, and put up the temporary delivery room with the cart (pictured)…… 10 minutes later, a baby crying in the delivery room, a baby boy was born, the mother and baby were safe, and everyone in the room breathed a sigh of relief at last. Afterwards, the director of Obstetrics Department of the hospital Huang Min told teacher Bo, abdominal pain before childbirth is usually caused by contractions, from contractions to complete delivery, as long as less than 3 hours is called "emergency birth", and this woman from abdominal pain to production only 2 hours. "Emergency birth" belongs to abnormal labor, it will cause fetal and maternal harm to varying degrees." Huang Min said, when the intensity of uterine precipitatus too strong, frequency is too high, the maternal uterus received a short interval, will cause the placenta blood circulation is blocked, not easy childbirth in the uterus appeared fetal ischemia and hypoxia resulting in danger. Women are also prone to tetanus, bleeding and so on. She reminded, near the expected delivery of pregnant women, such as abdominal pain and other signs of discomfort, should immediately go to the hospital for examination, must not delay, so as to avoid unforeseen risks. In case of emergency, the family should call 120, let the professional knowledge of emergency personnel to deal with.

孩子要生在医院走廊里了 众人拉起床单忙接生昨天,在温州平阳县人民医院一走廊里发生的这一幕,着实让人捏了把冷汗。详情究竟如何?且听老师伯慢慢道来。这正是:幸福来得“着急”,让人始料未及;幸好众人给力,迎来健康的你!昨天上午8时许,温州平阳县人民医院外科住院部一楼走廊里,一名孕妇由家人搀扶,准备去二楼产房。谁知还没上楼,她就半蹲下来,直喊:“肚子疼,孩子快出来了!”当时,该院妇科主任陈妩正巧从一楼经过,听到叫声,急忙赶了过去。陈妩告诉老师伯,当时宝宝的头出来了,孕妇已经寸步难移。她立即让孕妇躺下,叫家属去护士站拿无菌手套,准备就地接生。由于情况紧急,在附近的医生、护士第一时间赶来帮忙:电话通知产房、拿被单、用推车搭起了临时产房(如图)……10分钟后,临时产房里响起了一阵婴儿的啼哭声,一名男婴顺利出生了,母婴平安,在场的所有人终于都松了一口气。事后,该院产科主任黄敏告诉老师伯,分娩前的腹痛一般是由宫缩导致,从出现宫缩到完成分娩,只要少于3小时就称为“急产”,而这名产妇从腹痛到生产仅用了2个小时。“急产属于非正常的分娩,它对于胎儿和产妇都会造成不同程度的伤害。”黄敏说,急产时的宫缩力度过强、频率过快,产妇子宫收张的间隔太短,会导致胎盘血液循环受阻,未娩出的胎儿很容易在子宫内出现缺血缺氧从而造成危险。产妇也容易出现破伤风、大出血等情况。她提醒,临近预产期的孕妇,如出现腹痛等不适征兆时应立即到医院检查,千万不能耽误,以免造成不可预料的风险。遇到紧急情况,家人应该拨打120,让有专业知识的急救人员来处理。相关的主题文章: