The birth of a decryption peerless jewelry gemstone belongs to special

The birth of a decryption peerless jewelry belonging to the gem special story each gem has its own character. No matter how shy or brave, introverted or extroverted, it can show its unparalleled depth and shine. For those who know how to listen to the people, every stones have a special story here for you about the birth of the peerless Tiffany diamond jewelry. The legend of Tiffany diamond jewelry diamond hand-painted manuscript in 1878, Mr. Tiffany from South Africa purchased a Kimberley diamond mine, the world’s largest and most high-quality diamond. In the famous Tiffany gemologist George · kunsi (George Frederick Kunz) under the guidance of Dr. craftsmen, a 287.42 carat diamond cutting into a 82 cut surface, 128.54 carat fine diamond (most brilliant diamonds only 58 cut surface). This jewel was added a legendary brilliant and bright, dubbed the "Tiffany diamond" of the title, is a model of Tiffany craftsmanship. Tiffany founder Charles · Lewis · Tiffany (Charles Lewis Tiffany) (1812-1902) Tiffany Diamond "the legend of Tiffany diamond" in the world of a prestigious exhibition was on display in the Fifth Avenue rare diamond Tiffany flagship store in the window. They rushed to ask Tiffany Diamond "Tiffany diamond legend" is sold. The history of Tiffany Diamond, "Tiffany legend Canary" sold only once. Tiffany said in November 17, 1972 the "New York Times" advertisement, quite humorously claims that the diamond encrusted Tiffany Diamond "the legend of Tiffany diamond" sold for $5 million (about $25 million 800 thousand today), but this news time is only 24 hours. No matter for economic reasons or questioned the authenticity of the information, does not have any yellow diamond buyers, a rare diamond Tiffany is still owned by all. Ribbon necklace stone bird yellow diamond has been embedded in the different works, including the 1961 appeared in the film "breakfast at Tiffany’s" (Breakfast at Tiffany s) poster Ribbon Necklace (Ribbon Rosette), and Sloan Berger himself for the Paris 1995 Decoration Art Museum Exhibition (Schlumberger retrospective at the Musé e des Arts Dé coratifs) of the design of the "stone bird" (Bird on a Rock) works. Audrey Hepburn · Audrey · Hepburn in 1961 with · Berger Sloan (Jean Schlumberger) design gorgeous diamond Ribbon Necklace in power.相关的主题文章: