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Health With viruses and illnesses spreading easily through offices, schools and other public areas, people have be.e more aware of the importance of properly cleaning and drying their hands. While many people carry hand sanitizers everywhere to keep their hands germ-free, washing and drying your hands properly and frequently remains one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread illness. The use of hand dryers has also increased, as people be.e more aware of the convenience and benefits of automatic hand dryers. Cut Costs: While installing a hand dryer in a public restroom may seem like an expensive investment, hand dryers actually help save money when .pared to the cost related to paper towel use. A hand dryer is installed once and lasts years, often with very few repairs or replacements. When .pared to the cost of producing, shipping, and disposing of paper towels, hand dryers actually help to reduce the total spend in the long run. Add into all of these costs the additional costs, both in wages and in product cost, associated with restocking and refilling the paper towel containers, and the cost of paper waste alone can be prohibitive. Reduce Waste: Even though some paper towels may be made of recycled products, used paper towels themselves are not actually recyclable. With each hand wash, one, two or even three paper towels are thrown into the trash, never to be used again. Automatic hand dryers allow you to dry your hands thoroughly without the use of paper products, helping to reduce waste. Without the rapid accumulation of paper towels in a rest room, the use of plastic trash bags decreases, as well. Emissions from shipping vehicles and machinery used to produce paper are also reduced. Stay Healthy: Hand drying is just as important to good hygiene as hand washing. Because bacteria travels easily through moisture, drying your hands thoroughly after washing them helps to reduce the risk of spreading illness. Many people often don’t have the means to dry their hands properly, as bathrooms tend to run out of paper towels quickly. Electric hand dryers don’t run out of air, so you can .pletely rid your hands of excess moisture. Hand dryers also reduce the amount of waste and bacteria in the bathroom, as paper towels can overflow from trash cans and be left out on sink counters, making the restroom a breeding ground for germs. Whether using paper towels or hand dryers, always be sure to wash your hands carefully to avoid spreading illness. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: