Taiyuan railway bridge repair damaged body completed it is recommended not to pass govos

Taiyuan railway bridge repair damaged body completed it is recommended not to pass after two days of active repair and reconstruction, yesterday morning, Taiyuan 28 dormitory door railway bridge damaged bridge to complete the main repair, formal release. The reconstruction of the original cement deck replacement for steel structure bridge, more durable, but on the first day of release, according to the people’s bridge slope, TISCO group is studying the rectification of the perfect plan, suggested that members of the public not to pass. The morning of 9 pm, the reporter arrived at the Taiyuan Jiancaoping district near the 28 dormitory door of railway bridge. At first glance, the bridge and two gathered many residents. Looking down from the roadside fence, dressed in blue uniforms of TISCO workers are still cleaning residue accident. On the bridge deck, the construction unit is working on the bridge deck. 11, TISCO logistics center to train transportation engineering machinery and materials of construction site. On the same day at 6:50 PM, when the vehicle passing through the railway bridge opening 28 Dongshan, excavator pulled the car carrier from the railway bridge above the railway boom and collision, causing the collapse of. After the accident, TISCO group plans to start immediately, closed, repair and reconstruction of damaged bridge. "The whole bridge has been replaced by steel, which is much stronger!" Standing on the bridge just released, living in the vicinity of the residents He Zhongyi heartfelt sigh. 5 years ago, he moved to a home in the store to settle down, every day to work, he had to go through the bridge from the ten. "Before the cement bridge, a long time, whenever there is a train from below by walking on the bridge, the bridge also feel at all, now, for the sake of steel structure, but a lot of strong!" He Zhongyi says so. The scene is a construction worker told reporters, according to the relevant provisions of the state, the new bridge has improved than the original height, so as to train reserve more traffic space, to avoid such incidents happen again. "This slope, the child pushed the car is not too good!" Li Sumei, a resident of the neighborhood, told everyone about his concerns. She said her son to go up and down every day to go through the railway bridge, before the bridge height and the two sides of the road is almost in a plane, whether walking or cycling, can easily pass. Now raise the height of the rider must be climbing carts through that slope slightly steep, less effort will certainly be more difficult. Reporters on the bridge to see the bridge on both sides of the fence, every few meters on the poster to remind: the slope of the bridge is large, temporarily prohibited passage. In the upper and lower bridge, respectively, "smooth bridge, pay attention to safety," the notice to remind. Onlookers in the crowd, from time to time someone put forward how to do snow weather, old people travel inconvenience and other concerns. TISCO Group official said clearly: due to the design and construction of the bridge at present time, larger slope, considering the traffic safety, has been temporarily banned. At present, the company has worked closely with the relevant departments to study and improve the program, according to the actual travel needs of the residents, on the bridge slope to slow down treatment, but also to add railing facilities. The company will be in the shortest possible time for effective treatment for the majority of residents to provide a safe and convenient access to the environment. Source: Shanxi Evening News相关的主题文章: