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Since the South Korean people in Dubai recognize small Lolita when the godfather, countless LV Rolls-Royce like prehistoric disaster! Sohu: Tokyo New Youth WeChat public number: Tokyo New Youth (ID:tokyomen) 5 years old you know brand name? Remember your 5 year old is not only stay in the memory and grab the toys are one family around like a little prince princess like small pet when they do not know the cruel world do not know if this is a look at the face of the world do not know what love is if you encounter a nouveau riche sun baby parents themselves the picture is always being PO to the circle of friends circle of friends do you know how to build up the family fortunes? Of course, not to do micro business but drying baby! A small Lolita parents in INS released their photos because father is Korean mother is Filipino Lolita with small Asian face father and mother eyes small mixed appearance drew many fans attention and love one of the fans is a rich and high tone of the United Arab Emirates for the UAE beat a small mixed dancing video and upload them to INS resulted in small Lolita popularity for the little Lolita instantly become small from the Dubai Reds message can be seen in most of her fans is the UAE, the United Arab Emirates people on the small Lolita popular with all the material expression and send bags and send the following is the nouveau riche luxury we also gift LV bags come in different styles of LV ^ ^ GUCCI ^ you handbag you Chanel bag / Handbag / so we Dior Chanel The handbag LV you favorite sister these ordinary people have a luxury bags have been very good girl at the age of 5 with N – so even if not the number of luxury is also very amazing – you can already feel the world of the material presented so malicious "has been unable to meet the nouveau riche he took invited Lolli coming to play in Dubai to express his love for so long Lolita small for a small Lolita nouveau riche accepted during the 14 day along which opened the Dubai luxury tour five star hotel reception – you can see TV on the luxury car shuttle accompanied by small Lolita nouveau riche mother sun baby to start a new chapter in life – we were served in the days the car is not the same size for a long day with a small Lolita mood – the real life you win Your home is not luxury cars but others open luxury car Shuttle – we ordinary people have to pay off a touch of small Lolita sat back nouveau riche also jolly photographed her so long in fact small Lolita and a brother of her brother’s photos will be available on INS and the two great relationship so long because of the small Lolita nouveau riche love for up to 14 days for the whole family from the temporary decided to settle in Dubai in order to come – and nouveau riche live together in harmony and even their beliefs have changed – we now have little Lolita UAE ID ^ come home. "Nouveau riche… We also nouveau riche’s toilet than the room! "So although the language barrier but also be able to get along very well so on Roxy] – nouveau riche相关的主题文章: