Since the implementation of the new deal in October 1st Shenzhen people’s driving license can be pai-winflash

The new deal introduced in October 1st Shenzhen public license can be the first post paid in September 18th, the Ministry of transport, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce jointly issued the "motor vehicle driver training learning before payment, timing and charging mode service contract (model text)" (hereinafter referred to as the "contract"), which clearly stipulates people can "learn first to learn to drive after payment, time charges". The contract will take effect in October 1st, the national driving training institutions. Reporters noted that the contract clearly stipulates that the training institutions must provide a list of training content and hours. Its contents include driving simulation, foundation and driving, and so on. People need to learn to drive a one-time payment of "road traffic safety laws and regulations and related knowledge" and "safe and civilized driving knowledge" theory of knowledge training fees and textbooks, establish archives material fees, at the completion of each driving skills training, to learn the price of appointments to pay training fees. At the same time, the contract stipulates that in the process of driving skills training, students can take the initiative to make an appointment training sessions, independent selection of coaches. At the same time, in the training process, if found driving school training institutions to provide training car without qualified coaches and managers to reduce the training programs and training hours, forged or falsified data, to learn to drive people for accepting bribes or seek other benefits and other issues, have the right to request training institutions to be corrected, and can refuse to pay the corresponding period of training costs. On the other hand, driving school training institutions found not approved in the licensing department of transportation management training ground or not in the designated traffic administrative department of the public security organ the route and time to provide training services, training institutions have the right to request to be corrected, and can refuse to pay the corresponding period training costs. Shenzhen evening news reporter Liu Feifei editor Wu Xiaochen相关的主题文章: