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Fashion-Style I will still bet on the Silk Wrap Skirt. This is not a wager, but only a strong expression of opinion. The wrap skirt will win. I am talking about Multi Wear Wrap Skirts – Reversible – 2 Layered – 100 ways to wear 1 wrap skirt. To all appearances, this is the age of the wrap skirts. This magic wrap skirt could be, daily expanding and varying to suit the whim of fashion, no one can tell. It may be made to bloom like the cabbage; it may spread out like an umbrella–it would always be casual enough or showy enough to suit us. Undeniably a wrap skirt, especially the multi wear, is very effective, especially in terms of gorgeous color and imaginative design. In its innumerable shades and enlarging proportions, it is a triumph of the designer. It goes along with all the conceits and fantastic unrest of the modern fashion. Indeed, but for the discovery of the capacities of the wrap skirt, modern life would have experienced a fatal hitch in its development. It helps out our age of plush with a flame of color. There is nothing shamefaced or retiring about it, and it already takes all provinces for its own. One would be only half-.plete- fashionably–without a wrap skirt. A woman wears a wrap skirt as a token of her freedom and the power to create her own style. Young girls who used to express their timid desire with the violet dress, or sequined spaghetti strap, now seeks to bring their emotions to light by the help of the wrap skirts. And it can express every shade of feeling, from the rich yellow of prosperous wooing to the brick-colored weariness of life. It is a little stringy for a designer, but it fills the modern-trained eye as no other dress can fill it. Is her life set to the note of display, of color and show, with little sweetness, or to that retiring modesty which needs a little encouragement before it fully reveals its beauty? If one were to pass her life in moving in a 1500 CC car from one hotel to another, a wrap skirt around her waist seems to be a good symbol of her life. There are aged people who can remember that they used to choose their dresses, as to their color, fabric, texture and specific cuts and shapes to express the delicate shades of advancing passion and of devotion. What can one do with this new favorite? Is not a Wrap Skirt a sort of take-it-or-leave-it declaration, boldly and showily made, an offer without discrimination, a tenderness without romance? Are we exaggerating this astonishing rise, development, and spread of the Wrap Skirts? As a fashion it is not so extraordinary as the hoop-skirt, or as the neck ruff, which is again rising as a background to the lovely head. But the remarkable thing about it is that heretofore in all nations and times, and in all changes of fashion, the wrap skirt has held its own stable position as the perfect casual and as the finest expression of sentiment – freedom – breaking away from the fashion rules. The Wrap Skirt is neither an enemy of the trousers nor the dresses. Neither is it to any other g.eous production of any designer. But it has an old-fashioned love for the modest and unobtrusive virtues, and an abiding faith that they will win over the strained and strident displays of fashion. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: