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Shanghai unified registration of immovable property system for managing the implementation of today, Shanghai will fully implement the unified registration of immovable property system, real estate registration by the registration of real estate, real estate certificate and registration certificate issued to stop the release of "real property certificate" and "real estate registration certificate". All kinds of the system before the implementation of law issued by the real estate ownership certificate, registration certificate remains valid, the right not to change, not to replace the existing certificate; district real estate trading hall adjustment for real estate transactions registration hall, the public can go to apply for registration of real estate business. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter has come to Minhang District and Hongkou District Real Estate Trading Center, although the two institutions are still in the holidays, but the door has been linked to real estate registration service center brand. In Hongkou District real estate registration center, the reporter found that the floor has been labeled "arrow of real estate registration affairs center", and the tax bureau, a red arrow basket, at a glance. One is to replace the number of staff told reporters, in addition to some small house office has not been replaced, other jobs are ready, is expected to be completed before work today. [note] apply for real estate registration is required to submit six materials of registration of real estate registration, including the first change of registration, transfer of registration, cancellation of registration, correction registration, the dissidence registration, notice of registration, registration, registration and other documents seized. Real estate registration should be located in the real estate location of the county real estate registration center for the application for registration of real estate registration procedures for the application – to accept registration – examination of the book – issuing warrants. The application of real estate registration is required to submit six materials: 1, the application for registration; 2, the applicant and the identity certification of the agent material, the power of attorney; 3, the ownership of real estate related sources, the reasons for the registration documents, real estate ownership certificate; 4, real estate boundary, area and other materials; materials 5, and other stakeholders; 6, laws and administrative regulations and the "real estate registration provisions of other materials" rules for the implementation of the provisional regulations. In addition, the party entrusts an agent to apply for real estate registration, the agent shall submit to the registration of real estate agencies, the identity certificate of the applicant to be signed or sealed by the representative of the power of attorney and the identity certification of the agent. The natural disposition of immovable property, can submit a notarized letter of authorization, the authorization is not notarized, the applicant shall, at the time of application for registration to the registration agency, and the agent signed a letter of authorization; overseas applicant dispose of immovable property, the power of attorney shall be notarized and certified. (trainee reporter Wu Zhengbin)相关的主题文章: