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Shanghai police cracked 120 million yuan rat case suspects fled abroad were persuaded to return Shanghai morning news as a well-known insurance company investment manager, the senior initiative, holding hundreds of millions of dollars of funds to set up the "rat", the transaction amount up to 120 million yuan…… Haramoto Hikaruayuryoko, Liu’s superior performance, because of greed into the public security organs to carry out overseas pursuit action of the "Fox" object. In August 31st this year, to persuade the police investigators, 41 year old Liu returned to surrender. December 2015, the Commission found an abnormal monitoring account transactions. Through the inspection, the former deputy general manager of a well-known insurance company in Hong Kong, the presence of the existence of the use of a securities account to open a rat trading suspects. However, the Commission will transfer the case to the public security department before, feel bad Liu, in the Lunar New Year just after they fled abroad from Pudong airport. Shanghai public security department after receiving clues, the investigation found that from January 2014 to February 2015, the suspect Liu served as investment manager of an insurance Limited by Share Ltd "traditional insurance products", the management of these products account investment position of authority, undisclosed information master stock trading, help others trading securities account, trading the same wantonly with the products account for the shares, the transaction amount up to 1.2 million yuan, suspected of using undisclosed information trading. But this time, Liu had fled abroad, only one from Shanghai to Jeju flights, leaving investigators. Investigators immediately launched investigation and analysis of the various clues combing Liu before fleeing, determine Liu fled to the United States from South korea. Because of Liu’s wife and parents are still in the country, in the pursuit at the same time, the police decided to carry out the work with his wife Liu, strive to persuade Liu through her early return to surrender. The one hand that the police arrest fugitives overseas economic determination and efforts, on the other hand, Daniel, move, clarify the relevant laws and regulations and policy measures with the judicial organs, in the wide and tight policy, Liu surrendered the initiative is the only way. After two months of perseverance and efforts to persuade the door, the wife Liu communication "bridge", Liu finally lifted the alert psychology, expressed willingness to return home to surrender. August 31st this year, Liu took a flight back home. On the same day, Liu is lenient coercive measures bail. Hot news: Shanghai intends to adjust the 8 new bus lines and rail connected to Shanghai abandoned the family 10 years a uncle picking up 3000 stray dogs China Eastern Airlines aircraft landing runway airport closed experts rumor: no preservatives woman having an affair not junk food is instant noodles bread husband caught in bed and take photos for the Dead Weather forecast: mobile phone TA will the rain in Shanghai today the highest 26 degrees cloudy Sunday相关的主题文章: