Shanghai Jiuting station and the surrounding illegally built wind Celestica mansion price strange

Shanghai Jiuting station and the surrounding illegally built wind Celestica mansion price strange hidden trick welcome to Oriental pager, I was a reporter Zhang Yi. From Songjiang in the Jiuting subway station 7, 8 minutes of Lai Yin Road No. 2009, a building named "Celestica mansion" commercial dual-use SOHO ", in the chain of home, anjuke, Sina Locke and other hang out the price, as long as 7800 yuan a square. Behind the strange price, hidden in the end what trick? Reporters came to the Jiuting high tech Industrial Park is located in the Celestica mansion, only around the factory buildings, heavy trucks roared past time. Sales staff, the developer is "Shanghai Hong Yi Electronic Technology Co., ltd.". He didn’t have any industry in electronic technology. The company was set up to take this piece of land. This "commercial dual-use SOHO" total 6 floors, each floor of 9 households, each bedroom, bathroom, open kitchen, readily available. The area is one bedroom, 50 square. We are blank others. Although Celestica mansion is only a corner of the land, but the profit of money. Among them, 53 square meters of housing 410 thousand, 56 square meters of the two rooms 460 thousand. However, the sales staff said that only a large permit. This is not limited to the purchase, 50 years of use right, is due to pay a tax to the country. The whole building is only a big production permit, no personal Mini card. If you buy, then sign a contract with our developer. Reporters from the construction on the nameplate] see, the project name is "Shanghai Hong Yi Electronic Technology Co., the production of new housing". This built in industrial land on the industrial supporting space, can be used as an apartment to sell it? A construction captain said: "you rest assured, if it is illegal construction, then you will have to chop off the. Quality inspection station has been checked over. Reporters also call the Songjiang District Bureau of land regulation, query the current properties of the JT-10-001 block. Have you checked the [for industrial land, industrial land certainly can not build houses, no approval if illegal. Who is to industrial land on the "commercial housing" issued a permit? To this end, the reporter first call 12345 to reflect, the work will be sent to the city of the earth after the Bureau, the other replied: [if he is industrial land, it is a problem for the 12345. I suggest you ask the Songjiang District Bureau of Geology and regulations. "The staff of Songjiang District guituju reporters to the Songjiang District Housing Security Bureau, the other said:" we are here the management of state-owned land above the residential land, nature of the illegal use of words should be found guituju. Reporter once again turned to contact the city guituju: "you can report, to reflect the Construction Committee, land illegal, unauthorized change of land use. The reporter also call the Construction Committee hotline 12319: [because this thing is not necessarily we, I’m here all the illegal building. Then we first contact to the urban management, said the illegal structures. Songjiang city management office structures] said: "we are.相关的主题文章: