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Shanghai IKEA "restrictions" cited concern   Beijing two stores that will not follow up — Society — original title: Shanghai IKEA "restrictions" cited concern Beijing two stores that will not follow up in Beijing IKEA four yuan bridge restaurant. Lv Chunrong photo Beijing, Beijing, October 14, (Lv Chunrong Tang Qi) recently, the media exposed, Shanghai IKEA store has long been blind man "occupied", in desperation, the mall push "limit order" customer requirements "to buy food, after the seat", sparking public attention. So, in Beijing IKEA, restriction order will be implemented? 13, 2009, the reporter learned from IKEA Beijing market department, due to the same situation did not occur, the two stores in Beijing will not push the restriction order IKEA". Earlier, according to media reports, IKEA in Shanghai Home Furnishing shopping malls in Xuhui had a large number of middle-aged and elderly blind group, every Tuesday and Thursday will be fixed in the IKEA store inside the restaurant occupy seats for free coffee for intimate activities, which makes IKEA reluctantly launched the "limit order". The so-called "limit order" refers to IKEA since October 5th at the door store dining area placed to customer "book", which clearly put forward the "first purchase meal, after the seat of the new regulations. Why the introduction of the new regulations? In this regard, IKEA released before the "on the improvement of Xuhui IKEA customers to the restaurant environment notice" on, "for a long time, we have received from customer feedback and complaints, is targeted at a specific group of IKEA Xuhui mall, restaurants and their various uncivilized behavior. Some even act to alarm processing. Although we have been trying to take measures to improve the situation, so far it has little effect. This situation has seriously affected the majority of customers dining experience and security, but also to the restaurant’s daily operations have a negative impact." So, the new regulations will be implemented in Beijing IKEA store? The day before, Beijing reporter visited Beijing IKEA two stores, two stores found that the restaurant did not take "restrictions", the customer first after meals can seat. In Beijing IKEA mall four yuan bridge shop, an old man who worked in the restaurant for many years, told reporters, like Shanghai, as a large number of middle-aged and old blind groups occupy IKEA scene, he had never seen. Here, it is true that every day there are a lot of elderly people come here to eat, but specifically to blind date is only individual, he has never seen a group of blind date scene. In this regard, IKEA Beijing market department staff also told reporters in Beijing, Beijing, IKEA, the two stores are not exist, such as Shanghai, Xuhui shopping mall problems, so they will not take relevant measures. The staff said, "our principle is, want the IKEA store can give customers good meals, shopping experience, we welcome customers to the IKEA store restaurant, but do not want individual consumer behavior affect other customers and shopping experience, if there is some other serious impact on customer behavior, we the staff will politely stop and prompt." (end) (commissioning editor: Cui Dong)相关的主题文章: