Shanghai abandoned the family 10 years a uncle picking up 3000 stray dogs – public channel

Shanghai abandoned the family 10 years a uncle picking up 3000 stray dogs – public channel in September 20, 2016, Shanghai, Cui Hengyi, a 58 year old man from Shanghai, in Pudong there is room, but more than and 10 years living on the streets by picking up trash stray dog, 28 rescue 3000 stray dogs. He began to stray dogs at home, up to 86 dogs, often because of the contradiction between the dog and the residents of the District, so he took the dog in 2006 live in the street. Ten years, he played for Shanghai District, now settled in Anfu Road, currently adopted nearly 10 dogs, the cost of 5000 yuan per month, basically maintained by picking up trash. Adoption is not a simple action, it’s behind a Cui master for a long period of time "audit", such as home visits. Do you have a permanent residence in Shanghai; whether family members agree; appropriate economic ability, the living environment for the city of Shanghai; whether dogs license; can guarantee an annual medical examination on time and immunity everything can not fall. From the beginning of a person to do, and then slowly to know more and more people, homeless home volunteer organizations will also be established, and now has grown into a team of more than and 50 volunteers. In addition to their work, as a volunteer to adopt the activities, the management of the public and the publicity of the homeless family, or as part of the adoption of the master Cui audit tasks. Now every month to the end of the month, they will be held together and Webster’s rescue platform Animal Adoption Day activities. Cui master and volunteers to take the animals to the scene, each time there will be a few animals have been led by a new owner. In the vision of the future, I can do this thing for 15, 20 years." Cui master said. But what will happen three years from now, and he will ask the same question that no one can answer. Source: China Youth Network相关的主题文章: