Shandong, a kindergarten sudden change in small class system to go to school Yaohao

Shandong a kindergarten classes to sudden change school Yaohao original title: since the Ji’nan District Education with high quality resources repeatedly in the vortex of public opinion in Ji’nan Daily hearing in mid August 2016, Greentown Lily Garden owners have been around for more than 100 children in kindergarten. The Lixia District Bureau of Education District of kindergarten class size limit, resulting in 162 children in the park can be only 120. Since the incident, the parents have repeatedly rights, Lily kindergarten, developers Greentown home and calendar District Board of education has not been negotiated so that all parties are satisfied with the solution. Up to now, the vast majority of parents are still waiting for the results. Recently reporter combing public reports found that since May this year, Lixia education can be described as being "eventful summer", the school district change, children unable to attend primary school, campus location has been questioned, let the storm continuously, Lixia District Education Bureau repeatedly in the whirlpool of public opinion. The kindergarten sudden change "small class", the fate of children Yaohao August 31st, Greentown Lily Garden parents first collective rights, the reason is that the second days will start, Lily kindergarten has organized a temporary Yaohao decision, 162 school-age children who are "lucky", can occupy a space for one person in 120 places. The cause of all this is, Lixia District Education Bureau suddenly in the provisions of this, must implement classes, each class only 30 places, to the children for admission, to hand over all of the owners of some sports center, to be converted into a kindergarten, prior to this, there are more than 50 students in kindergarten Lily each class. In the face of public property, the owners refused to maintain Yaohao attitude, Lixia District Education Bureau of preschool education and the original petition responsible for deputy director Wang told reporters, said that in recent years the province in the implementation of classes, Lily kindergarten must strictly observe, for children can not be admitted by parents to solve. [process] parents rights long September 1st day of school, parents with children directly to Lily kindergarten, have been shut out, then in the District Education Bureau in front of waiting for an afternoon. Lily kindergarten does not appear, do not answer the phone, Lixia District Education Bureau promised in September 5th to give a reply, but parents until it is "the leader suddenly was transferred, no one make a decision". It is understood that after the deputy director of the deputy director of the reporter had to leave. "In September 8th, 10, Greentown Lily Garden owners has two times to the district sales offices and Greentown magnolia garden sales offices, developers hope to help the owners of rights, and Greentown reply given by the developers have no right to interfere in education policy, has been handed over to the District Education Bureau has no responsibility for the management of kindergarten lily. "On the morning of September 13th, the parents came to the Lixia District, this is the last time they were adults at present. As of press time reporter that day, the scene did not result in negotiations. "On the afternoon of September 20th, reporters visit Greentown Lily Garden owners, that the owners were also put a" dove". It was promised after the Mid Autumn Festival to give us an answer, either all receiving or expanding class, but it has not responded to our." Owner Wang相关的主题文章: