Semi Integrated Washing Machines 4 Things That You Must

Home-and-Family In places like Tokyo, Hongkong, and New York, living space is at a premium. So much so that in Tokyo, cars there have adjusted to the available space. While a normal garage space is around 9 feet high by 16 feet wide, Tokyo’s garage space is perhaps 6 feet wide by 10 feet high. How tight is it? Passengers have to get out of the car before it is placed in the garage and the driver has to get out using the sliding passenger door. It’s that tight. Appliances have not been spared with this dilemma. Washing machines are now being integrated with dish washers. These semi-integrated washing machines are now popular in Hongkong, London and New York as well. The price of a semi integrated machine may be slightly higher than that of an integrated washing machine but if .bined with the price of a dish washer, the price is .petitive enough. Prices have dropped around 22% since semi integrated washing machines were first introduced and there have been new entrants to the market, mostly Chinese brands that may or may not be as reliable as the other branded machines. Here are some things to consider when looking for a semi-integrated washing machine: 1. Branding. I have to admit but there are brands that are particularly reliable for these machines most especially those brands that have been established as home appliance .panies. Sometimes it is better to pay a bit extra for these items. 2. Installation. Unless you are an electrical engineer or a license electrician with some knowledge of plumbing, have the vendors install the machine. It’s a bit .plicated because of the .bination of the two washing machines: one for the dishes, the other for clothes. Also the plumbing for this may be a bit .plicated as some brands have two out pipes to separate water from the dishwasher and water from the clothes washer. 3. Warranties and extended warranties. These machines have warranties of about two years and if the .pany offers extended warranties, take it. It’s a .plicated machine with many parts and the rule of thumb is many parts, many breakdowns. 4. Running both machines at the same time. That is possible but it may easily break down the machine faster. Since you can schedule washing of clothes, better not to use the two machines at the same time. Running them together may also be noisier since the revolutions per minute of dish washers are faster than that of cycles for clothes. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: