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Safeguard Your Career With Self-education Verification Posted By: Naman Vohra

Self education verification Be Sure About Your Distance Learning Certificates Posted By: Naman Vohra

background screening Enhance Your Career Opportunities With Self-education Verification Posted By: Naman Vohra With the cases of misrepresentations of facts and fraud educational documents coming into surface every now and then, organisations made it a point to conduct stringent background verification on their prospective employees. The background check process has brought every job aspirants under the purview of doubt whether they are genuine or fake. There are cases of fake universities and institutions providing fake certificates busted every now and then which may very likely to endanger the career of a genuine candidate. In addition to that, there are possibilities when a genuine employee may lost his or her job opportunity because of an incorrect background check conducted as there are chances when educational institutions can give incorrect information. These circumstances can put the career of a genuine employee on stake. What can be done by a candidate to protect their career from such unfortunate incidents? Emergence of self-education verification is the best answer which can safeguard the educational claims of a genuine candidate against all odds. Self-education Verification is a process of getting self-education verification done which provides the stamp of authenticity on the educational documents of a candidate.

background screening Control Your Career Data With Self Education Verification Posted By: Naman Vohra With a drastic surge in corporate fraud and rise of fake candidates with fake credentials over the decade, More and more companies are leaning towards the process of employee background check as a highly crucial task. Job aspirants does not think twice before lying about their qualifications or employment details in order to bag a lucrative offer. This has made organisations to make their process of background screening more stringent. However, at times background check process can have certain loopholes. A genuine candidate lost his or her job opportunity because of an incorrect background check. There are cases when incorrect information about the candidate are provided by the ex-employer or the education institute. Is there a process in place through which a genuine candidate can claim his or her authenticity in case of incorrect background check? Self Education verification is a new concept which is catching up fast with the job aspirants or the students aspiring for higher studies. Self Education Verification is a process through which one can get their own education credentials verified through a third party background check company.

background screening Validate Your Documents With Self Education Verification Posted By: Naman Vohra The high rate of unemployment in our country and the exorbitant costs of higher education fuel the educational fraud rackets further. It has been found that not only bogus universities but also reputed institutions are involved in the forged certificate racket. There are bogus universities and fake certificate scams being busted by police every other day indicating the gravity of the situation. Recently University Grant Commission(UGC) has identified and posted a list of 21 bogus institutions on its official website, which have been declared as bogus as they do not have any right to confer degrees. As per UGC officials, many students are enrolled in these varsities as they were not aware of the fact that these are not genuine. Under such circumstances, a genuine candidate can fall prey to to such fake institutes and will suffer as a result of fake degrees obtained from such bogus universities. In the wake of these fake universities and fake certificates coming into light every other day, there is a need of an entity which can authenticate the degrees and certificates issued by them.

background screening Why Is Self Education Verification So Popular? Posted By: Naman Vohra

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