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Email-Marketing The increased security concerns with the online data storage and to ensure that valuable data in the Gmail account would not be lost under any circumstances, every Gmail user now look forward for a Gmail Backup Tool that is reliable enough to get backup of Gmail emails completely to safe destination. There are many issues with the Gmail account even though it is the worlds most used and relayed email platform by millions of users globally, so itself the fear of data loss and threat of data leakage makes the Gmail account holders to search for Gmail backup software online and get the backup of Gmail data to a safe folder that can be accessed even when the net accessibility is limited. Get Gmail Backup to Outlook PST to Access Data Offline Also There are many formats to get the Gmail data backup stored but the best suitable way is to get the Gmail backup to PST format because it will give the freedom to use the data in the offline mode also as the Outlook platform installed in the system allow user to read, view and edit the details even when network availability is limited. So to get the long lasting reliable result by creating the Gmail backup download the Gmail Backup tool that provides the facility to backup Gmail to PST of Outlook. Tool that carries the ability to convert the data to the Outlook PST or EML is suggested by experts as it is effective in backup of bulk or individual Gmail emails. Gmail Backup Application with Ability to Convert Bulk Data The downloaded application to backup Gmail emails should be capable to get the data from the Gmail account converted to PST format no matter what size are the files with emails because after using Gmail account for pretty long time every user will become owner of bulk data and to determine which data is needed and which is not will be an herculean task, so it is always suggested to select Gmail backup tool that have the capacity to convert bulk Gmail emails to PST format without any trouble. Good Application Should Maintain Data Integrity of the Backed Up Gmail Emails The data from the Gmail account should be backed up by retaining the data integrity and thus user who owns the Gmail account should be able to access the data from the MS Outlook platform and if the tool can retain the folder hierarchy once the data backup is done then it is the best solution to be selected, because not many applications available allow to maintain data integrity rather they just backup data as it is. Go for the Gmail Backup Tool That Gives Free Downloadable Version To check the functionality of the Gmail backup tool that is meant to be purchased, get the free version downloaded first so that user can get to work and know how well the tool is effective in Gmail backup of emails process execution. 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