Samsung’s acquisition of Siri’s father’s new intelligent assistant VIV, will be the first – Sohu

The new intelligent assistant Viv Samsung acquisition of the father of the Siri, the first Sohu… [Technews] technology science news according to foreign media reports, Samsung recently stopped Hu bought out, including Facebook and Google have interested in acquisition of artificial intelligence assistant Viv. The service is expected to become the first Galaxy mobile devices built-in software, and then slowly expand to the entire Samsung ecosystem. Viv is Siri’s first three founders developed a new intelligent assistant. In Siri or an independent App, apple decided to buy Siri in a short period of time, and the Siri substantially transformed into today’s appearance, with a little shadow can be a simple dialogue. But in the beginning, Siri is a very straightforward functional software, only through voice or other direct docking App network platform to handle the user requirements, the whole operation of mobile phone users to switch to voice like. Due to dissatisfaction with the Siri into a "chat robot", the three founder of poached a part of the Siri team, leaving apple to create the ideal intelligent assistant based on the original Siri. The new Viv so it can maintain the old Siri straightforward, but also strengthen the ability to understand natural language. Compared to the current function of the Siri bias to start App, change settings, and occasionally search things, Viv is more similar to Amazon Echo, you can connect to other platform services to deal with life trivia. Until this year, WWDC, Apple was the first release of Siri SDK to the 6 class of the third party App, however, the original Siri in fact, already docked with the App of the 42 different platforms. Thanks to the support of cross platform multi operation and multi sound source instructions, after the release of Viv is actually quite suction eye, including Facebook and Google have to provide financing, even interested in mergers and acquisitions, but Samsung is still unknown to the price of the acquisition of Viv. As a control, apple in 2010 to Siri of the purchase price of $200 million, but in artificial intelligence under the tide of war today, Samsung Viv of the purchase price should be a little higher. Viv and maintenance of independent companies, like Siri and Galaxy, become the exclusive equipment software from the cross platform App. Samsung also pointed out that the acquisition is dominated by Samsung’s mobile sector, but in the future will allow Viv to gradually cross every Samsung products, like Siri or Google Assistant as artificial intelligence platform. Such programs may also help Samsung’s mobile business, reducing dependence on Android systems and Google services. Note: a Viv demonstration team has 8 engineers through all sorts of gossip Viv set Pizza, and selection of ingredients, but the Viv Report相关的主题文章: