Ring Road West extension project finally approved the project route length of approximately 8900 met-y580

Ring Road West extension project finally approved the project route length of approximately 8900 meters south in October 21st a reporter from the Ningbo Municipal Construction Committee preparatory office was informed that the municipal development and Reform Commission approval after the adjustment Ring Road West Extension Project proposal. Finally, the ring road extension project has not been able to progress to finally start. According to reports, the Ring Road Extension Project at the airport road, along the line to the west to planning, road (i.e. Ningbo Qiushi link), then the present situation of the high end point Qiushi Road, Qiao Zhen Huan Zhen Bei Lu, Guangyuan road connecting Expressway project. The total length of the project is about 8900 meters, and the standard width of the road is 50 meters. In fact, 6 years ago there was news that South West three years to achieve the opening, but always see project started. Until October last year, Yinzhou District city investment company to respond to the project ready to start in May this year, the duration of about three years. Why drag for so long, the reason is that the project is large, involving a wide range, the company has been actively promoting, in order to ensure compliance with the legal procedures, the start time slightly slower than originally scheduled. The West has developed rapidly in recent years, obvious to people, life supporting increasingly perfect, but the road traffic is to let people out. Import west traffic congestion, complex surrounding environment, because in the planning of meteorological Road, new code road and ring road has been unable to the west. This is approved, marking the ring road extension project has made substantial progress, it was built to give full play to the overall efficiency of fast road network, to promote the joint development of west area and District Yao River area, has important significance to perfect the west regional city transportation infrastructure conditions. Zhejiang news client correspondent Wang Kaiyi correspondent Chen Xiaoyan相关的主题文章: