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Marketing The thought of an implant dentist may not have been something that you thought of as a child but, as difficult as it may seem to believe, losing teeth is natural. Dental implants aren’t at all out of the ordinary either. Gone are the days of placing your teeth in a cup next to your bed overnight. An implant dentist can help. There’s many reasons why you may lose your teeth including, decay and gum disease. It’s important to consider an implant dentist so that further degratation of your oral health is not .promised. Toothless smiles can be a thing of the past considering all of the options an implant dentist can provide. Missing a tooth can cause a gap. A .mon way of filling the gap is with a bridge or dentures. A very quickly growing trend for filling that gap is using an implant dentist for restoration. Dental implant cost as it more popular is more affordable. Dental restoration with implants is a long term solution. Most dental implants last for up to 15 years. Even longer when you consider that some of the first evidence of an implant dentist are from the jaw bone of remains found amongst the Mayans in Central America. Though it is popular now, it has been a sollution that has been around for a very long time. The implant dentist of the Mayans used shells. An implant dentis these days uses titanium rods. It’s important also to keep in mind that dental implants are not just for cosmetic purposes. An implant dentist will be quick to tell you that as you lose teeth, you no longer need the bone to support the tooth. Therefore, the bone and tissue will deteriorate and your jaw will weaken. An implant dentist is concerned with your overall health and knows that implants will help your bone density in the jaw also restore. This contributes towards more than just a beautiful smile. Dental implants are wholistic in nature in that an implant helps your overall health. Not just your oral health. An implant dentist will examine the current bone density before placing the implant. If there’s enough density the dental implant will be a success. The implant dentist knows that the titanium rod must bond to the bone for support. Getting Ready For Dental Implants The implant dentist will look at your oral health. Bone density isn’t the only consideration. Decay of other teeth and your gum health are taken into consideration. X-rays will be used to determine the density of the bone to see if it can handle the dental implant. Getting a dental implant is not a quick process. The implant dentist will usually sedate the patient to insert the titanium rod. It’s not a tooth implant, a dental implant is a peice of metal in your jaw bone. It will take 2 – 6 months for the implant to fuse with the tissue and bone. Your implant dentist will help you know how long it will be for you. Each person is unique. While awaiting the fusion to take place, the patient may have dentures or a bridge in the meantime. An implant dentist doesn’t want the dental implant to have too much force or pressure on it before it is ready for the prosthetic tooth. Are Dental Implants Better Than Bridges and Dentures? Implants really are the preferred treatment. Your implant dentist will point out the benefits of dental implants over bridges and dentures: – An implant decreases bone loss. – Dentures are difficult to keep inside of your mouth. Your diet will also need to change with dentures. This isn’t true with dental implants. Something your implant dentist will be happy to point out. – Your implant dentist will also tell you that a dental implant is just like a normal tooth. You should know what that’s like. It is not different. – Bridges and dentures may require the removal of adjacent teeth. An implant dentist can restore just one tooth without bothering other teeth. Its just more natural. An implant dentist can give you back the look and feel of natural teeth. Cloud: Cosmetic Dentistry, Bone Grafting, Implant Dentistry CopyCrypto: a6d174ca1774aad9681e155c2c96ab47 About the Author: 相关的主题文章: