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Business A press release dated 8th November, 2012, officially announced Reliance Industries Limited choosing Foster Wheeler As Its Contractor for its paraxylene project at Jamnagar in Gujarat. The Jamnagar Refining will be undergoing a multi- billion dollar expansion and this project will serve to be a part of the same. Based on the contract, Foster will cater to detailed engineering, licensor coordination, and procurement services for this new paraxylene project on the west coast of India. Foster Wheeler AG, an international engineering and construction .pany and power utilities supplier that is known for offering technically superior, dependable facilities and equipments. A specific statement by Nasdaq Listed Foster Wheeler AG mentioned that RIL has rendered this contract to its subsidiaries that entail to global engineering and construction for providing engineering and procurement services. The Indian and UK divisions will hold the responsibility of implementing this project. The .pany currently employs around 12,000 skilled professions with the knowledge and proficiency to provide satisfactory services to its clients through either of its two major business groups. Based in Zug, Switzerland, its operational headquarters is located in Geneva, Switzerland. The Global Engineering and construction group of the .pany has its interests in designing and constructing supreme processing facilities for key oil and gas , LNG and gas to liquids, refining, gas and petrochemical, environmental, biotechnology, healthcare, mining and metals, power, chemicals and healthcare industries. On the other hand, its Global power Group has been a frontrunner in .bustion and steam generation technology that caters to designing, manufacturing and operating steam generating and auxiliary equipment for power stations and industrial facilities. RIL is Indias largest private sector .pany with respect to all key financial parameters. The Jamnagar Refinery is the largest refining .plex in the world that has an aggregate refining capacity of 1.3 million barrels of oil per day. It also collaborated with Philips 66 technology for its planned gasification plants over here. It also represents the largest single investment at a single site in India and .prises of more than 50 processing units. The last expansion it embarked upon enabled the .pany to integrate its refining units with other petrochemical operations at the site, with the objective of producing more chemicals such as ethylene, propylene, and polypropylene. The SEZ refinery at Jamnagar has been the only Indian body to have been awarded the British Safety Councils Globe of Honor Awards, for its superiority in Environmental Management by the British Safety Council, London. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: